Recap and Spontaneity

I have the very first row of this sold out greyhound bus all to myself even after being the very last in line yet arriving an hour prior to departure.. yea. Story is two very kind black men approached me and asked if I was from the Bay Area because of my shaved head and fire pants. Then later asked if I’d like to smoke a blunt with them. Fuck yes, I would! We went on to talk about my sexuality (great way to make men stop hitting on you) and then about Phoenix, Humboldt County, the potent flower we were about to inhale. It was only the first part of my journey and I’ve already been blessed with a smokeout! The voyage begins and my heart is pounding with excitement! (but I have ten minutes to board this bus, gotta go! Thx again for the bleezy)

I have been fortunate enough to have experienced the four most fulfilling days with the perfect mesh of the greatest souls on the planet in a land unknown to me, Rocky Point! I’m eternally grateful to have stumbled into the bike community in Phoenix! One of the best things that’s ever happened to me. I’ve made some friendships that I wouldn’t want to be without. Each one of you will forever be in my heart. Thank you for the experience and thank you Val for bringing all of us together into that gorgeous house for your Birththdaaaay!! (in a nonsexual way hahaha)

But before we made it home we had yet another unexpected adventure awaiting us. The grandiose monsoons of the Sonoran desert. So dense and tense that we had to pull over in Goodyear and wait for longer than an hour to let the monsoon storm pass, the little truck was submerged in gusting dust! We coudn’t see shit, plus the truck was swaying significantly! The downpour after the dust was what kept us waiting, but I’m not gonna lie, the lightning conversing with the thunder was quite the performance! 
Anyway, after finally making it home safe and sound (again, thanks Valeria) I said hey to my siblings, watched like ten minutes of bobs burgers and crashed out! What a day.

This morning was just gorgeous, wasn't it? The overcast casts our emotions above the clouds so we can stare up in hopes of reaching them someday, at least that's what I like to think. Plus, it was cool enough to smoke a joint outside on the trampoline, jump around a little bit, meditate. It felt so damn good outside that I woke my sister up because I had decided that we were going to hike a mountain! I was determined to detox, day one.

After stretching and tearing some muscle (also sweating out everything I had to drink this weekend), we went home and freshened up. I had decided the night before that I wanted to visit my co-workers because I really missed them. I’ve spent a lot of time with them and they are the funniest people to be around! They’re a fucken blast! So, I went in to take my food handlers card test because I’m a slacker and it takes me extra long with an extra hard push to get my ass to do something. (For the most part, yanno? Thanks for your patience.) It was nice to see my friends again though! At least a few of them.

So, as I'm sitting there in front of the laptop I search for rides to Los Angeles because since I wasn't really working all week I might as well adventure, right? And I had already talked about visiting my friend the week prior. What better time than now? There's nothing stopping me, might as well.

With plans kind of already manifesting on their own, I decided to book a one way ticket to visit my friend, Jessi, who I had met in Los Angeles when I was living there on the set of Hells Kitchen. It was the semifinals at Magic Mountain and they fed us so well!!! (P.S. it was freezing but Gordon Ramsey is a sweetheart. Balance)

Jessi and I became friends instantly! I remember having my plate of food in hand and trying to make a fast yet comfortable selection of seating and fuck yea I did! I overheard her talking to surrounding folks about how she was living in her car. I loved it immediately! One of us! I also admired her bravery, I usually had to feel comfortable with the person I'm conversing with to let them know my situation. One of the main reasons was because people trying to be extras or seat fillers simply don't understand why anyone would choose that lifestyle, yet they admired it. I felt judged yet inspiring and fucken crazy. Das me!

Well, I'm really excited to see my friend again and make new ones! I'll be reliving the nomad life and we'll be sharing the back seat of her car, which she has made into the cutest little pad. It's always nice to remind yourself of those humbling experiences. Adventure awaits for the both of us!

Also, I get to see Bill Nye later tonight due to I got booked as an audience member for his show! Yay! But not after I hit up Venice Beach and the Santa Monica Pier which I'm sure will hit me with a more passionate euphoric sense of nostalgia from living there earlier this year in not the greatest of conditions. But yanno, I'm always grateful for every experience. They shape the me that you meet.

Just wanted to share some of my recent adventure and spontaneous lifestyle choices with y'all once again. Much love!

-Femina Flower / Angelica Salazar

PS. My friend made a page solely for her travels! Look her up on 
IG: @travelinhippiesrte66
Facebook: Travelin' Hippies RTE 66

(I did not take any of these photos)