The bottom of the heap is the ultimate test

I must allow my wings to sprout while keeping an open chest

Allow my appetite to drive its own starvation until I get to indulge

I embrace the hunger pains

Fill each curve in my skin with my being

Let it smoothly fill my wrinkles to its juvenescence

The chills are my vibrations learning my psyche

Do you dare watch me swim in my essence

The way I caress myself without a touch is intrinsic

The beauty of turning myself out

needless of external influences

awakens my desire to travel multidimensionally

Exploring the way I heal my spirit

To master my art

To purify the thought that to be immaculate is fancied

It takes a village to raise a child

And my village had me convinced that I am deficient if I refuse to act properly

Here’s the real message

Delivered by a dancing woman in a purple shawl and a velvet dress

She says she’s from Mars and this alone stimulates me

A tickle in my imagination teases me to believe her

Swaying with her silver locks; what grace

“It’s time to be naughty!”

“Be unafraid; BE BOLD!”

She said to us with a straight face

Her aura reminded me of my hunger

the suppression of my satisfaction

She initiated my amusement

Captivated every succeeding action henceforth

I grasp the courage like the horns of a bull

Unapologetically brilliant with no wish to stop

So don’t waste your time

Come with me

We’ll make it to the mountaintop

Where we will howl to the Moon and she will howl back

Perpetually morphing my Empress to guide the Pack

Wild women fusing forces, imagine that

Therefore I manifest Lionesses

No more pussycats

Let’s show ‘em why we won’t roll with that

-FeminaFlower 🌸