With the plethora of CBD gummies brands upcoming in the market, it becomes quite a hefty task to get the real deal!

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Did Sharks invest in a CBD brand?

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Let’s face it: 2020 hasn’t really been all we imagined it would be. …

Lately, I’ve been an experimental subject for male enhancement commodities.

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Rock Hard Weekend


RockHard Weekend is a herbal supplement designed with your needs in mind. Stay RockHard for hours and enjoy a more intense sexual experience! It claims that its proprietary blend works as fast 30 minutes after ingestion and the effects can last for 36 hours. Although the product seems to have some positive reviews, FDA warnings against the product, have raised the concerns about its safety and reliability. There is a good chance that they are mixing viagra or cialis in their product without mentioning on the label. So, the product might NOT be all-natural as claimed.

We recommend buying…

All of the ingredients in Man1 Man Oil are natural and claimed to have been proven safe, although there are no links to studies directly on the company website.

Editor’s note:- Overall we like Man1 man oil and think it’s good for treating premature ejaculation, however, it doesn’t target all the mechanisms comprehensively. We recommend Prosolution Plus pills , Vigrx Delay Spray and Promescent as our top recommended premature ejaculation products.

If you need something pharma-grade strength, better try the real deal (sildenafil citrate) with BlueChew.

For more information on how these products work, we recommend you read this article on delay sprays.

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual problems that men suffer with. It is more common in younger men. Though most men learn to…

Among the myriad of several Testosterone boosters available in the market, New Vitality has tried to do something different with this product called Ageless Male Max.

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Editor’s note:- New Vitality has tried to create a product that is supposed to enhance testosterone, work as a preworkout supplement, as well as help in weight loss and male sexual performance. Now, this can well be a wishful thing but it’s marketed and promoted amazingly well. But, the old adage holds true, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Unfortunately, on the basis of ingredients, Ageless Male Max is a very weak testosterone booster and a mild weight loss pill and a mediocre male enhancement pill. There is no magical pill that can enhance all…

This Testosterone supplement is quickly rising up the charts of best-selling mens health products!

Editor’s Note:- While overall, we like Nugenix Ultimate because of its immense quality of ingredients, which make it a top of the line testosterone booster, we still think it’s NOT the best. In our analysis, PrimeMale comes out on top and Prosolution , a close second. Read more on how to really pick a quality testosterone booster. For men looking to enhance their sex lives, we also recommend trying BlueChew, the telemedicine service to get access to sildenafil & tadalifil to help men last longer in bed.


Nugenix is a popular men’s health supplement advertised to regain libido through a…

This post is sponsored by our partner BlueChew, the telemedicine service to get access to sildenafil & tadalifil to help men last longer in bed. This story has affiliate links, which means if you buy any product mentioned in this article,we earn some commissions.

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Part 1 : Understand the reasons behind Quick release or Premature ejaculation?

Male ejaculation has been thoroughly researched. On average, ejaculation occurs in around 3–7 minutes after penetrating the vagina for most guys; (that is of course, if he doesn’t try to delay it). While this amount of time may seem paltry, most mammals ejaculate in mere seconds after entry.

Evolutionary breeding instinct is to blame for premature…

Spanish fly, Weekend pill, Rhino 7, White panther, PremierZen platinum, Extenze : take your pick as a man!

Dsiclaimer: Affiliate links in the story!

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Of all the things you can find at a gas station, nothing feels more exciting than those sex pills or often referred to as “male enhancement” pills.

The four main categories of these male enhancement pills (supplements to enhance sexual performance) are pills for longer sex and delayed endings, volume enhancement pills, penis enlargement pills and pills targeted to increase libido.

However, there is a new entrant in the market and gaining a lot of popularity.

Men have a new alternative now BlueChew chewable sildenafil pills

The majority of these over the counter sex…


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