Upon finishing bootcamp, I was excited to dive into building my portfolio site! Naturally, I came up with something unnecessarily complicated, but which I liked very much. After nearly two months of working on it (finally nearly ready to deploy!), here are my takeaways. Maybe you can glean something valuable from my mistakes.

In no particular order (until the end):

All those frameworks and libraries I thought I learned in bootcamp? Well, I learned enough to poke around and figure out how to get things done, but didn’t actually learn any of them as well as I thought I had. …

It was just a couple days before my bootcamp graduation when the other developer in my roleplaying group mentioned a side project on his radar. I wanna capture the posts in the Masks Google Plus group before Google shuts it down and they’re gone forever. Ooo, my hackathon project the month before had included a bunch of web scraping; I know relevant things! I could be helpful! As we talked about implementation details, it quickly became a joint project.

We dove into it the morning of an rpg session, in a fairly normal single-computer pair programming setup, with me driving…

Moving to programming from a field in which my job was to be a human resource library (to provide answers to questions people hadn’t yet realized they needed to ask), it was a big shift for me to rely so heavily on Google, as we do. Especially in the early days, I often wished for a guide to parsing the search results I was trying to slog through… et voilà!


Okay, so you’ve written a function/program/website, and it doesn’t work. Hopefully it’s giving you an error message somewhere — your testing environment, your terminal, the browser console. You copy and…

Claire (Gilligan) Rogel

A fairly new Pittsburgher, Claire is a recent grad of the Grace Hopper bootcamp in NYC (clairegilligan.com)

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