Out of “Obeseland”

May 19
Day 34 of my 6W2S Challenge. 
I had an interesting conversation, yesterday, with an acquaintance. She had offered me some snacks and I declined, explaining that I only eat during a certain window. She got interested and I told her I eat only once a day and snacking at that time was not part of my plan for the day. "No wonder you look so slim!" She exclaimed . That’s a first for me but I gladly took it. I have never been called slim but I believe, it is time to start wearing the new me consciously. 
Having been obese most of my life, I tend to still have that image of me. No, I am no longer in "Obeseland." I have to start seeing myself the way people see me. I have come a loooong way. Losing 121lbs is no kids' play. It’s like taking a whole human being from me. Actually, one of my daughters says, "You have lost me and more." 
I think, I will dig up some of my past pictures to remind me of how far I have come. 
I also have to remind myself that the "Struggle" is not over. It’s easier to lose weight than to maintain it. Eating, or should I say, junk-eating, barely takes any effort so if I get distracted, the consequence would be dire. That is why the one-meal-a-day lifestyle is so good for me. 
Enough of my rambling. 
Got to catch a couple hours more sleep.
Push Harder. 
Stay Strong. 
Drink lots of water. 
Be Happy!!!!

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