You Don’t Have to Eat

April 29
Day 14 of my 6W2S Challenges 
Weekend is here and I am super glad. It’s being a hectic week for me. Hmmmm.... Friday is Foodless Friday at my end. I have a 5K planned for tomorrow morning and will be doing it in a fasted state. This Study of One is really an adventure. I discover new and exciting things daily. For example, yesterday was feasting day at work. The table was fully loaded for a party to celebrate an award. Of course, I sat at the table with everyone and observed. It was interesting to just watch people do what they really didn’t need to do. I shook my head when I remembered that I was also once part of the pack.
A colleague asked, "How do you it, Femi. Not even a bite?" I smiled and replied that the temptation was really great. The varied aroma was killing but I had hacked my brain to function the way I wanted. My body is also conditioned to obey me so, I win. I told her I had a super meal waiting to be eating at a set time. Eating before that time would indicate noncompliance with my set rules and my preplanned activity. Simple!!!!!
Consistency is important. Diligence is key to success. Tenacity is a tool. Stay strong.
We Can Do This!!!!!!

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