#DoomedWitchHunt2016: Jeff Sessions and Trump’s Rigged Election Claim

Jeff Sessions, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and a Senator since 1996, today corroborated Trump’s claims that the 2016 Election will be rigged.

Telling this to a group of disaffected people, who are voting for Trump at least partially out of frustration at not being represented by the current system is shockingly irresponsible. Angry people are already saying they want to start a revolution if Hillary wins, and they’re spurred toward that misguided action every time someone claims that her victory would be illegitimate.

The sheer audacity of a racist like Jeff Sessions, who is personally responsible for keeping Black people in Alabama from voting (thereby rigging elections), is stunning. Jeff Sessions is an American throwback of the very worst kind, so racist that it kept him off the federal bench DURING THE REAGAN ADMINISTRATION.

The tip of the problem was a 1984 case that came to be known as the “Marion 3" — Sessions’s prosecution of three civil rights workers over what he perceived as voting fraud…in 1965 there were virtually no blacks registered to vote in the 10 western Black Belt counties of Albama. But by the 1980s that had started to change. Through the massive get-out-the-vote efforts of three leaders — including a former aid to Martin Luther King — black voter turnout began to creep toward 80%, and a handful of black legislators were elected. That’s where Sessions stepped in, charging three voting rights organisers with voter fraud. All three were quickly acquitted. Sessions’s choice to focus on their efforts looked a lot less like good governance and a lot more like voter intimidation.
If that weren’t enough, a black former assistant US attorney, Thomas Figures, testified that Sessions had called him “boy”, and that he had joked about the Ku Klux Klan in ways that implied he wasn’t particularly appalled by their appalling tactics.

This election is really bringing us face to face with the way we Americans have coddled racists, anarchists, and rapists among our leaders, isn’t it?