Gitika Bhatia — Unstoppable Force

Gitika was born with an entrepreneurial streak in her blood. “I grew up listening about business intricacies in my house. Our family has a garment manufacturing business. I got a full scholarship in college. I was never a classroom person rather I was a community persona and a leader. I took part in many competitions at IIMs and IITs, received many internships, was a blogger at Vogue and Violet Street, took business development projects and was the campus ambassador for education.”

“I worked with an NGO, RSF which was driven towards providing a holistic education to children from all strata of the society and to enable them to develop more technical skills. We did plays, dramas, RWA sessions etc. This was my first leadership entrepreneurial tenure and my first experience in a character building stint.”

In 2015, demonetization, hit us and other SMEs hard. I was in my final year of MBA then and realized that I need to have a well-paying job in order to help pull my family out of the slump”.

“I realized that the onus to provide stability for my family was on me. I needed a corporate stint with a good pay. Trident group of companies has come to my college for placements and my technical background in textiles gave me the confidence to ace the interview. I was appointed as a General Manager.”

“At the turn of 2016, I was looking after the International Marketing division. My background in textiles gave me an edge. I travelled all over the world, explored different kinds of markets and learnt how experiences turn into lessons. In 2018, things had stabilized at home and I decided to take a break from the corporate stint and create something of my own. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur; I thrive in taking responsibility and being accountable. I finally had the liberty to pursue my dreams.”

“The 2–3 months after leaving Trident were tough financially and I realized that I needed a constant inflow of money. I created a roadmap for the future. I found that my niche was in helping people further their career. I found out that it wasn’t just the slums or rural areas suffering from problem of sustainability and empowerment. I was inclined towards a help to whosoever needed it. Advisory, being an aid and aggregating resources for SMEs and start-ups in Delhi-NCR not just helped me with fixed income but also made me seek myself while helping them to seek their growth.”

“Another major turning point came in my life when I got selected for a two month accelerator program at the Silicon Valley. Stepping in Silicon Valley was like getting a glimpse of the future. The idea of doing something for ‘Go Green’ movement was always on my mind. In USA, I got a chance to pitch my idea to google, and they liked it! I received a resource partnership from Google for my concept of Grinfluent.

“Grinfluent is a mobile application which helps users track their carbon footprint by keeping a record of their activities like receipts of shopping, travelling, eating etc. The users get incentives for reducing their carbon footprint, which they can monetize. I plan to introduce a ‘World we want to live in’ game in the application in the near future. Grinfluent will be launched in India soon. My esteemed network has always supported me and my vision, which has allowed me to collaborate with dignitaries in the country and we envision healing earth by planting trees and ending climate hypocrisy by 2021.We are planning to plant 1 billion trees by 2015 in India alone through this initiative.”

Gitika believes that the right leadership is the key to sustainability. She wants to be the voice of the billions and not limit her efforts to the corporate sector only. Intersection of people, plant and profit is what that will make the economies viable and sustainable in the near future.

“My focus is on creating awareness about what is right and what is wrong when it comes to protecting the environment. Detach yourself from the noise around you; understand the problem and then act”.

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