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I enjoy watching the fun little skits and interviews that The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon puts up on their YouTube page. I also had no problem with Trump’s appearance on Fallon’s show. People criticize the show for not giving “real” interviews, but why should they have to? I believe the real blame is the mainstream media and news channels, putting Trump in the headlines every night.

John Oliver is one of my favorite shows to watch (I haven’t had a chance to watch any Samantha Bee, but have heard great things). As you mentioned, since it is just Oliver talking to the camera, I do feel like I hearing his true point of view and stance on the subject matter. Often I find myself riled up and excited after watching a “Deep Dive” segment, and I think it’s awesome that his message is that powerful.

So while I like John Oliver’s show for giving me a raw and real opinion on politics, I still like Jimmy Fallon for what it is — purely entertainment.