Are There Any Rules When It Comes to Playlists?
Cortney Harding

“A great playlist maker is just like a great DJ, in a way, and radio DJs are often paid something.”

Sadly, if you’re a DJ being paid on radio, you likely don’t have much influence on what you are playing… unless you are also the station’s program director.

In my opinion, the last of the great DJs on the radio with excellent taste and the ability to really string together an amazing set of songs are all on college radio. And college radio don’t pay squat.

I know, because that’s where I am, 28 years into a lifelong love of radio broadcasting (I’m almost 42). And love is what it is… a labour of love. It’s addictive and fun, and I wish there was money in it. But alas, those ships have long sailed.

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