Ugly man steps forward.

Hello there Herr Gutbloom. I know that you’ve wondered where I disappeared to. Well, I’ve been living my life as best as I can. I’m writing a comment now because you’ve hit the nail on the head as to why I stopped writing on Medium. Sure I’ve made a handful of comments (or are they posts?) during 2016, but I couldn’t make myself write here anymore. And believe me, I’ve thought a LOT about it.

My last major piece of writing here was the most recent installment of my series of pieces of my life after becoming disabled. I put a lot of my heart and soul into that installment, and it was very hard to write. Basically, I was asking the world for help, because I live in a state that views me as a criminal because of the medicine that works for me.

Not going to rehash. There it is.

When I published it back in November, I had almost 100 “followers” and it was published in a publication that had at least 600 “readers”.

Stats as of today:

90 “views”

47 “reads”

It was recommended 7 times.

I checked the referrals, and 60 of them came from outside of Medium altogether (ie from my posting of it on other social media sites).

I guess because it’s not a listicle telling people X number of reasons to do something, it wasn’t deserving to be in the Medium feed of all those followers and publication readers.

Oh well.

I’m doing fine. Still being punished for being poor.

It is what it is.

I miss ya, my friend. But after being a beta-tester for the Medium app and helping them so much for as long as I had, and not even being able to have my writings read by the readers of Medium, I just got burnt out on it all. I rarely check the site anymore, because I’m just not that interested in the previously mentioned listicle bullshit and comments as posts.

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