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Down with The Triumvirate! Petitioning for Clarity on what Medium Wants to Be
Henry Wismayer

Oh yes. I’m tired of the life-hacking entrepreneurial start-up talk. And I’m tired of writing things that don’t gain any traction, despite having a decent handful of active followers. I’ve been making connections, but it seems the only posts that I write that start to get seen are ones like my posts about “responses as posts”, ie the posts that are critical of things that I see as silly on Medium (Note: I’ve got another one of those coming down the pike with the announcement of hidden responses).

I look at my stats and one of the odd things I wrote a week ago that I thought was a pretty funny observation (itself, a response to a post) HAS ZERO VIEWS AND ZERO READS!!

Not that I expected a groundswell of recommends or anything like that…. but was it even shown to anyone at all?? I even recommended it in the hopes that it would be given an extra chance in the feed!! I was only trying to make some folks smile!!

I’m constantly swimming in crap that I don’t care for…. one sentence responses to responses to responses to a post that was a response…. posts that should have been a note that are now posts….

And my guy is just DYING there.

What gives??

Did Medium pick up some cut-rate algorithm robots sold at a Facebook fire sale? (their algorithms are my least favorite of all the algorithms)

I hope that things improve. I really like this place, but I’d hate to see it go the way of the dodo.

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