Let’s stop using “Gunman” and start using “Terrorist” instead
Justin Cox 🍩

Silly Justin!! If we did that, we’d have to have to have awkward conversations like talking about our sham of a “war on terror” or we’d have to have very serious gun control discussions…. plus, many of these perpetrators are the wrong color.

I did like how a friend of mine framed it:

"The terrorists have struck again, this time in Colorado. Looks like another 'lone wolf' attack, the hardest kind to prevent. We should work harder to shut down their awful media presence that spews a twisted version of their religion, and work to cut off the funding of those who support this ideology at home and abroad. Furthermore, recent calls to let in refugees who adhere to this particular religion are nothing less than blind stupidity. Wake up America - they hate our freedom and everything we stand for!"
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