China ecapital Corporation Wang ran why should I believe that VR changed entertainment

The writer is founder and CEO@ of China ecapital Corporation Wang ran, the article reproduced from the official public account China ecapital Corporation. Article answers several questions: first, the VR can play, what kind of flower? Second, the VR on the territory of what was happening; third, the VR industry will bring change? Four, VR time who will be the winners? Wu、yige changed the world by VR will be what? Slightly longer in length, dry goods, and is divided into article publishing.

A few questions first:

-Ten years later there will be a movie theater?

–The same movie you 60 minutes of reading, but I use it for three hours, it is possible to do?

–You can sit on the sofa into a movie scene and “side” of Tom Cruise or Anne Hathaway: interactive?

–“Scared baby” movie scene could careless really scared baby, please?

–We really “return to the past”? virtual reality headset

All of these issues became a problem, because two letters: VR.

Full name Virtual Reality and virtual reality.

If the next 5–10 years for something to like Uber subversion of the taxi industry to subvert the global entertainment industry in the world, I think VR is the thing.

VR can play, what kind of flower?

If summed up in one sentence why VR can be so powerful, I think it is because it can make us feel close to escape the shackles of physical space-time, from the four dimensional world into “four-by-two” world.

Imagine this scenario:

— You can curl up on the sofa in the living room, picked out with his mobile phone to see the movie, wearing VR glasses, then you entered a modern Virtual Office of IMAX film. This is you himself of Chang, you can invited as far away as another city of friends and you with views shadow, he (she) on sat in you of next, you can side see side voice chat, without worried noisy to others, without was not told civic received phone of people disturb, around no Leek box of smell, also no back while kick you chair back a feet of children.

— Start of the film, you can choose to continue in the Virtual Office of IMAX to watch, you can also choose to enter the scene. If you choose to enter the scene, Tom Hanks or Anne Hathaway may be here with you, maybe even nodding to you. Flying a Firefly, you can use your finger to interact with it. You may like sitting paraglider flew through a forest, possibly in a hail of hide and right-left or passed great white sharks in the sea. You may be standing at a fork in the road, choose where to go will determine how you see the story. You may also stay in a castle, you pushed open the door and entered the room at this time will see a goddess in a bubble bath, and went into the other room you will be witnesses of the bloody murder together; you can even see the remote to watch a movie with friends and you walk into a room that is … After seeing VR 2D as in video on the Web comic, look at 3D sex felt like across the sleeping bag.

— VR apply not only in the movie the one field. You put the glasses on and immediately appeared in the TFBOYS concert, the voice of China, or the World Cup final live. You in reinforced concrete office building sits in a file as Hill’s desk has been working for 20 hours, want to take a NAP, why not make yourself a second lie in Tahiti beach. You have 200 pounds heavier and has a heart condition, you can “mount” the peak of Mount Everest. Do you want to learn tennis and Li Na, she can always by your side action. Do you want to feel me Angelababy cloakroom, perhaps only minimally paid 10 Yuan can be achieved. Night as far away as the other half of the earth do you want to call the girlfriends, dialing numbers, you sat opposite her, and now she may be basking in Sun. Where major news event occurs, you can instantly become a witness at the scene, the news is no longer used to “seeing”, but to “experience” and “experience”.

— There are more sensational scenes: after a number of years, when the parents are no longer, you put the glasses on and immediately go back, enjoyable family sat around the table, eating old meals, talking about the old days, they never go away. Only when you took off his glasses, can be found two tears down out of the corner.

VR on a map of what’s going on?

I have no doubt that the first year of 2016 will be the VR industry.

When it comes to VR, must mention the cool la (Oculus) by that name. The 2014-Facebook (Facebook) to $ 2 billion bid for the company is the global VR industry leader. They will be introduced in early 2016 first generation of mass-market commercial virtual reality head-mounted glasses Oculus Rift, is expected to sell for $ 400 or less. Of course, if the PC is required to use it, and all the equipment prices are likely to reach $ 1500. Just as when Netscape’s IPO marked the advent of the Internet age, Oculus Rift listing will also be VR era officially open historic signs. VR Shinecon headset

In order to enable Oculus Rift listed there and it matches the contents of Oculus has a focus on VR was established in January this year the company OculusStory Studio (Studio cool La story) and Pixar (Pixar) this animation carrier dug a number of top talent. In July of this year the company has premiered a VR animation short film “Henry” (Henry) of the trailer. In this trailer, Henry is a hedgehog, for his birthday that day to invite a bunch of friends for his birthday. Meet friends know him like a hug, but since he was stabbed, all fear, began to find excuses to … As an audience, can you walk, when you walked in Henry’s time, he will look at you and greet you, as if you live in the same world. In La Studio other VR short film “Lost” (lost), only when the viewers look to a particular direction or an object, movie plot will continue, this movie is a bit like mix of movies, games, and graphic novels. “Henry” and “Lost” the full version of VR produced a short film and several other Studio will and Oculus Rift introduced in parallel.

Meanwhile, other technology giants also coincide with the targeting of VR.

In the VR glasses Google 2014 officially launched their inexpensive Cardboard (cardboard + mobile) solutions. Microsoft at the show this year shows a set of virtual reality and augmented reality in one of “mixed reality” glasses Hololens the huge potential in the field of entertainment and Office, they also announced the launch of a Cardboard with Google is similar to Microsoft’s version of VR VR Kit cardboard products. Samsung September 2014 on the launch of the first generation of VR Gear, they recently announced with Oculus to produce second generation Gear VR glasses will start this year’s Christmas season sales, the need to turn the phone into a pair of glasses device is expected to sell for $ 99. Without having to insert the phone’s integrated eyewear market, Sony has just announced they will be introduced next year wearing VR glasses PlayStation VR, priced at $ 399, feels this product may become more focused on the game experience. Hopes on the product is expected to come out in November this year HTC work with PC gaming giant Valve VR glasses Vive. The VR glasses equipped with handles is IT rated by some as known the best products currently on the market, prices should be above $ 400. New game is Canon, who in September announced plans to launch a portable VR glasses this year. Giant giant apples, don’t think they will stand on the sidelines, they had in February this year to obtain a patent with the VR glasses that match the iPhone mobile phone, future VR world will have their glimpse.

In terms of VR equipment, Gopro will launch later this year a professional VR called Odyssey camera, made up of 16 Gopro camera taken a 360-degree turntable, prices will reach $ 15,000. This coincided and Google’s open-source VR platform Jump. Jump is a complete system, in addition to photography turntable also includes VR content editor and a VR content hosted by YouTube channel. Jump is similar with Google is an independent company Jaunt, VR content creation system which also includes VR camera, content editor and a VR content distribution delivery platform. Another on the Kickstarter to complete all raised Bublcam VR video camera has an interview, it costs $ 799 device out of the VR content available through Google Cardboard, Samsung GearVR and Oculus Rift watching. Nokia is giving up mobile phone battle way, announcing that it would launch a OZO camera that can shoot VR content. Mobile phone giant Samsung Samsung Galaxy S7 expects the next generation mobile phone camera with VR video camera function. Recently there is a start-up company announced it will go on sale in March next year for VR shooting FlyBi drones, wear matching glasses users can directly experience along with the drone fly.

Video companies are galvanized. YouTube already has set up a 360-degree VR channel for watching video. Netflix and Hulu has also announced that it will launch its own VR applications. Netflix would co-operate with the Oculus, and Samsung, for Gear VR-a virtual viewing of the channel. Hulu to go further, not only to provide a virtual viewing experience for the user (for example, you can sit on the couch watching Seinfeld of Jerry Seinfeld), also plans to direct investment in a VR film productions.

VR is vying, dizzying.

Disney in September announced a strategic investment Jaunt, it’s almost the important declaration was recognized as they enter the field of VR. Warner movie “Into the Storm” (“fear the storm) on a VR eyes can make watching the trailer. Lions Gate films for its film “Insurgent — Shatter Reality” (of the difference), making a four-minute scene experience. 21st Century Fox Fox Innovation Lab VR sector 2014 Oscar candidate film “Wild” (wilderness) fragment into a VR, will also have to be on the screen of the blockbuster “The Martian” (the rescue of Mars) making a separate VR trailer. The News Corp’s film company also plans to take in the hundreds of movies out on Oculus virtual cinema on a platform (unable to enter the scene, but can be miles away at the invitation of friends in the Virtual Office of IMAX film to watch). Samsung recently hired “The Walking Dead” producer David Alpert of the zombie to produce a VR series. Top Hollywood producer Mark Romanek, Robert Stromberg and Star Trek 3 Director Justin Lin has also begun to put VR movies are being made.

Meanwhile, various VR Film Festival began to grieve. United States a VR advertising company Kaleidoscope this year launched “Kaleidoscope tour VR Film Festival”, from August 22 to October 14, this time landing in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Montreal, Toronto and other ten cities. China has started preparations to organize similar activities.

Films, VR began to shake hands … Independent VR video production company for American veteran variety show “Saturday Night Live” (the Saturday live show production, a 40-year anniversary of VR special programs. From a television production company 44 Blue split Ovrture is about to begin production of two VR reality show, one about prison life, a film about night-time emergency–you can zero the distance into the prison to make life, and can also see the people who suffered in a car accident on your side to get medical treatment. In July this year strategic investment by HTC the VR community and production platform WEVR on Vive glasses HTC recently released a film called “TheBlu:Encounter” (the blue met) VR video audience exposure to groups of whales of the sea, a 5 m x 5 m and can swim freely in the region (around), a taste of the beauty under the sea.

Focuses on the humane care of the VR documentary began volume appears. Focus RYOT of VR news documentaries recently produced a documentary film VR, visitors immersive experiences to Syria refugees, Nepal affected populations and the Mexico border are hopeless and difficult. was launched in cooperation with the United Nations a VR documentary about Ebola “Waves of Grace” (of the charity for all), by the Libya women, Ebola survivors bring audiences into the epicentre zone. A person who has seen the film commented “you will find the Ebola virus is all around you, that kind of shock unmatched. “” Perspective “(the perspective of) is a VR series, the first episode tells a female university students ‘ party suffered sexual assault by male students, the first part is standing in the sense of” invited “the boys perspective, while the second part is standing in the sense of” violation “the female perspective. VR allows audience empathy, and empathy.

Outside of television, the game engine is also promoting the development of VR. World’s first VR game experience Zero Latency on August 15 this year in the Australia open in Melbourne. The 400-square-meter factory-like building covered with 129 cameras. Groups of four to six players, carrying a backpack weighing 2.5 kg (including computers), wear a helmet and glasses, holding a submachine gun, being in a virtual city, wearing Street alley, another a warehouse will be cemeteries, zombie attack at any time, players must interact they killed for the first time. The entire experience is only 100 meters long, but played down an hour, players average at least around 1000 meters. Although humans vs zombies today, but the next step is likely to be all the war, even with the team members ‘ roles appear flipped, “probably the best part of the last ten minutes and kill your enemies out of the team.”

In fact, in the VR world movies and games together. Lions Gate films based on their box-office favorite “John Wick” (of the swiftly kill) is cooperating with game publisher Starbreeze, the two sides will jointly launch a players virtual movie shooting game. WEVR this game to build a tailor-made VR trailers, HTC Vive glasses to play on.

In the VR field, China and the world.

Storm technology in the a-share market has become “ghost shares”, in large part because their concept of VR. Storm storm mirror owned by April this year got the huayi brothers, voice communications, among others, investment of 60 million Yuan, another round of funding are in progress. The fourth quarter of this year, storm mirror will release three generations mirror, integrated VR, VR camera and other products. Millet, and other companies are also developing their own VR products.

New Ning Meng pictures, studios are making first VR China TV trailer for the book of optional days. Animation company rice pictures just recently launched its works with the three little pigs and VR fragment of the lamp, the company says it will make several VR movies, will also launch VR game with the theme of the film, to create VR theme park. China “Pixar” of the spotlight animation apart from January 1 next year, will be launched first standard Hollywood film outside of the xiaomenshen in the near future will have a VR video came out.

From China’s capital in the global market for VR also gets involved. Mr Li led the Chinese cultural industry Fund (CMC) recently participated in the Disney Jaunt into the leading companies US $ 66 million in financing.

(Not done yet, the latter part of the article will discuss “what VR brings to the industry to change” and “VR — who will be the winner of the times” and “a VR changes how wonderful the world would be” three propositions. Article click here for direct access to the second half. )

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