Durex fun experiment phone or partner sex

On June 6, according to foreign media reports, the company recently did an interesting experiment, inviting 6 United Kingdom free couple go on holiday, three of which do not allow iPhone and iPad, and filmed this documentary posted on YouTube, with nearly 20 million Internet users watched. Documentary called “do not disturb”, to urge couples to put electronic devices while on holiday, to enjoy the company of loved ones.

In the film, someone was allowed to keep the phone Lady very happy, claims to be able to take pictures to commemorate. It is interesting because the other half texting while eating with her, she was very depressed, but her own mobile phone has not left hand. Those couples with no technology equipment around, you experience more joy and marvel at those other couple addicted to social networks, how can you ignore the side of the pleasure.

Documentary film finally shows the result, if their partners in bed playing with a cell phone, 40% people are less likely to try making out. These high-tech devices have become obstacles for love.

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Originally published at reminkoff.wordpress.com on June 6, 2016.

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