Google AI challenge human tournament details

Earlier this year when Google announced the Google AI–AlphaGo go on to fight in the European Championship Fan Hui 5:0 message causes great concern, Google AI won a landslide victory in a chess game.

Then, Google AlphaGo to Korea go nine Master Li Shishi publicly challenged Li Shishi representatives go the highest level of humanity today, if he loses, it’s almost meant that in the field of chess, artificial intelligence beat humans.

Google AlphaGo VS Li Shishi challenge tournament will be held in March, before Google DeepMind lab Demis Hassabis announced via Twitter, YouTube will broadcast the games.

Today, Google released DeepMind AlphaGo surrounding chess players of the past decade details of Li Shishi’s ultimate challenge.

Announcement, from March 9 to March 15, AlphaGo in Korea Seoul 5 challenge match with Li Shishi. Full equality of competition, the winner will receive a $ 1 million bonus. If the AlphaGo win, prize money will be donated to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), STEM education, and charity of go (Go Charity).

Competition will be held in Seoul at 12 o’clock noon Beijing time Seasons Hotel, schedule is as follows:

1. on March 9 (Wednesday): the first game

2. on March 10 (Thursday): the second game

3. on March 12 (Saturday): the third game Cath Kidston iPhone cases

4. on March 13 (Sunday): the fourth game

5. on March 15 (Tuesday): the fifth game

Attention to this game, please pay attention to time, or set the clock so as not to miss the game on TV. It is understood that the competition posted 7.5 objective to Chinese rule will be applied (at the end of the game, player after player posted). Layout of each player has two hours each time, 3 times 60 seconds the seconds, every match is expected to take approximately 4–5 hours.

Although the Navy had defeated the World Chess Champion before kasibaluofu, but chess algorithms than go much easier. Winning chess just “kill” the King, and go figure or than method is used to calculate the winner, is not simply to kill the other pieces.

Go to more complex than chess, more depth. This requires computers to master skills, needs more similar to human intuition and pattern recognition skills. Cath Kidston iPhone case

Rules of chess board look simple, it is not difficult, aspect 199 equidistant, perpendicular lines, and constitute a total 19×19 (361) intersection. Both sides alternately set up, designed to take up as much space on the Board.

Go the absolute number of steps more than the number of atoms of the universe, machine learning standpoint, go Max 3361, 10170, that have been observed in the universe, atomic number 1080. Chess maximum 2155 situation, known as the Shannon number, is roughly 1047.

Chess has always been considered one of the most complex computer game, is always unsolved challenges of artificial intelligence. This is why artificial intelligence, machine learning, researchers hope that this breakthrough of reason.

Why is Google developing intelligence and explosive form of artificial intelligence? Because Google wants to apply these techniques to solve society’s most serious, the most pressing issues–from the disaster of climate modeling to complex analysis.

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Originally published at on February 22, 2016.