India s largest mobile phone maker says will come to China next year to sell

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On June 3, according to the online edition of the Wall Street Journal reported, India phone Micromax Informatics said on Thursday, the company plans to start selling phones in China from next year, listing within two years. In order to hold up in the highly competitive smartphone market, Micromax is seeking to increase sales and raise funds.

Micromax co-founder weikasi·guyin (Vikas Jain) said today Rise at the entrepreneurs Conference to be held in Hong Kong, the company’s goal is 2020 years ago became the world’s fifth-largest smartphone maker by sales. If you do not enter the China market for consumers, not listed or by attracting private investment, this goal is difficult to achieve.

For a mobile phone sales is only a bit more than more than 1 million and the majority of sales in India producing companies, this goal is ambitious. According to market research firm IDC data, Vivo, China is now the world’s fifth-largest smartphone maker, monthly sales of more than 4 million; Samsung Electronics is the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer.

Micromax is India’s second-largest mobile phone maker, after Samsung. But in the past year, due to competition from Samsung and the increasing number of manufacturers in China, Micromax in India mobile phone market share decline.

As growth slows, Micromax four founders back in charge of the day-to-day operations of the company. Previously hired a number of executives have left in a high profile, such as the CEO of the firm’s former star India supervisor weinite·taneijia (Vineet Taneja) has resigned.

Micromax plans to use funds raised through listing to acquire companies in order to build up a service network make this phone stand out from the many competitive products. “If there is no more money, we can’t do this,” Jia said.

Micromax Announces foray into foreign markets showed that the India mobile market fails to save the struggling global Smartphone industry. According to IDC, over the past 6 months, sold to India’s cell phone number has declined. There are signs, unsold phones starting in India stacked in the warehouse. Most mobile phones sold cost less than $ 100, target user groups are buying for the first time smartphone users. Micromax sold most of the cell phone be purchased by these users.

However, analysts said that to enter the China market may be a wrong choice. “I don’t know why they want to do,” IDC analyst jilanjite·kaoer (Kiranjeet Kaur) said: “the Chinese smartphone market has stopped growing, and the competition is very fierce. I don’t know how they survive there. ”

Even Apple is difficult to sustain growth in the Chinese market. IDC data show that the first quarter of this year, Apple’s smart phone sales in China dropped to 13.1 million units, down from 16.2 million a year earlier.

Micromax has to enter other countries, such as Nepal and Russia. Micromax is Russia’s third-largest think tank expert machine manufacturers.

For Micromax to, overseas markets means that you need to get involved in high-end smartphones. Micromax has recently published “Yu” series of high-end brands latest models Yunicorn. The cell phone equipped with larger screen sizes, equipped with a fingerprint sensor, which can get Micromax to compete better with Samsung and millet.

Yunicorn cell phone sells for $ 12,999 India rupees (about 193 US dollars), is one of the highest price of Micromax to launch smart phone.

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Originally published at on June 3, 2016.

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