Ministry of education in response to “poison the runway”: has asked the relevant departments to investigate the exposure event results

Entering November, shrimp on the music can’t hear Jay, Joey Yung, Joanna Wang’s songs, and QQ music, May day, Jonathan Lee, the song EXO has disappeared.

What was the cause of the “legalization of online music”. Requirements of the national copyright administration, before October 31, all the major online music platform will have centralized clearing to unauthorized songs. QQ music, there’s Sony, Warner, jewel and other exclusive copyright of more than more than 20 records, while Ali music have, such as the rolling stones, DigiMaster exclusive copyright.

Raising online music platform “alliances”. Some of them to the joint, and some began a new round of “fighting”, the typical case is of the former Yun music into Tencent, NetEase camp, cool cool dogs are also trying to cooperate with Tencent copyright; and representatives of the latter, it is QQ and Ali music “infighting”.

Recently, Ali music CEO Song Ke said in a media interview, Ali of the online music market music “half”, but that the company was considered, the current patterns in the field of online music should be “ultra strong”, “super” naturally refers to the company itself.

No matter what kind of market structure, a fundamental reality is that Tencent camps include “QQ dogs, cool music, cool music, and NetEase cloud” 4 App, Ali’s camp is “beautiful music and shrimp every day.” For ordinary users, the two camps each downloads an APP, to hear all of the pop music.

Unauthorized songs pulled from the shelves, the tide of strained who knows swimming naked

Buffett’s phrase “tide receded knows who’s swimming naked” analogy also applies after the legalization of the online music market.

On July 9 this year, the National Copyright Administration issued the order the online music service to stop unauthorized music notice requiring online music service to stop the unauthorized dissemination of music works, and ordered all its music service in October 31, all unauthorized music offline.

The first day of November, official floor of this policy, including cool dog music, cool music, QQ music, shrimp music, everyday sounds music platforms such as music, and NetEase have issued a statement in different ways, says all unauthorized works off the production line. On November 4, Gao Xiaosong, Chairman and CEO of music together Song Ke Ali said in a statement, and we spent together “early legalization of labor pains.”

Ali’s music, it is “labor pains” — Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai and Lin Qi, and doing the first big-name singers unauthorized songs, Ali music every day its shrimp and pleasant platform has full offline.

With Ali’s “labor pains,” compared with NetEase, Tencent was cool dog, cool choice together.

In mid-October, QQ music, and NetEase cloud music took the lead in this step choose to cooperate hand in hand, prepaid + QQ music into delegate to NetEase way music include Sony music, I am a singer music copyright of 1.5 million in the third quarter.

Subsequently, the NetEase micro-letter music “unblocking”, NetEase songs links music can be shared in the circle of friends.

In addition, the sea music between Tencent QQ music and also in cooperation on music copyright. At present, the sea music has included copyright, jvr music and Linfair records, King records, Korea YG music authority and exclusive copyright of these records are in the hands of QQ music.

Among the various online music platform in China, Tencent is a most exclusive copyright, but even so, Tencent also failed to cover all popular music. QQ music, Jonathan Lee, Rene Liu, rolling stones singer, and May Day songs were unable to listen, the music’s exclusive copyright in Ali.

An “ultra strong”, or “half”? Public comment and merge China s largest O2O service

On November 5, the Song Ke friends released a singer of nine squares, and PostScript: we only have half of the country but had enough, because they are all here waiting for you. In an interview, Song Ke said, has a lot of songs, now only Ali’s music is a whole network exclusive of Ali music now has such as BMG international recording giant, Chinese music, like the rolling stones, Media Asia also big signs, together with partners such as global non-exclusive, and tens of thousands of independent music, it should be “half”.

But the Song Ke “half” is Tencent did not agree. QQ music believes that judging from current music library in the digital music market, with QQ music as leader of “ultra strong” pattern of online music is now the most appropriate description.

In fact, QQ and Ali music patterns of different judgments from two existing exclusive copyright resources.

Tencent: November 13, 2014, signed Xia global three big records one of of Warner Music (exclusive); December 2, won has BigBang of Korea YG entertainment (exclusive); December 16, again put three big records one of of Sony Music income SAC in the (exclusive), same day, Korea LOEN, and CUBE Entertainment announced settled QQ music exclusive area, and are is exclusive; this year July 16, won Taiwan Linfair records (exclusive); addition Tencent also has jewel, and British Emperor, and huayi , Dreams, of course, less time recording company’s exclusive copyright cooperation.

Ali: in January this year, Ali music and veteran music Giants signed exclusive rolling stones music in China in February and March, music have signed Ali to believe that music, China Research International and has a 2.5 million-song library of Germany BMG;4 month, won Hong Kong’s Media Asia records, these are all exclusive.

Popular is said, currently Tencent and Ali their signed Xia has part exclusive copyright, which Tencent in Europe music and Han flow classic song library aspects has more big of advantage, for example Tencent has BIGBANG, and iKON, and Beyonce, and Whitney Houston, singer of exclusive, and has “killer level weapons”–Jay; and Ali music is in May days, and Lee, and GI, Chinese singer aspects accounted for excellent.

Has music industry people to small entertainment revealed, QQ music and Ali music maximum of dispute points is global music of exclusive copyright belonging problem, global music does not with any platform signed exclusive agreement, and in some publicity copy in the, Ali music intentionally or unintentionally will global music its of Aska Yang, and Qu wanting, and Jacky Cheung, and Eason Chan, Chinese popular singer also as home advantage, this on raised has Tencent aspects of discontent.

QQ music after listening to Jay Chou, then switch to shrimp to Jonathan Lee

Marine and Ali music when it was set up this year, many industry insiders said the online music market in China will be formed to sea music, Ali, and QQ music, led by the “three-pillar” trend, and other music platforms relatively weak strength, it is difficult to compete with these 3.

Judging from the present situation, NetEase and Tencent QQ music music, Ocean Alliance music selection, Ali music hold sounds and shrimp every day music two platform choices “solo”. This shows that the “three-pillar” structure has been smashed, Ali and Tencent is deadly to both camps. Public comment and merge China s largest O2O service

Song Ke said in an interview, Tencent currently operates four APP can be selected: QQ dogs, cool music, cool music, and NetEase cloud, Ali music music has its shrimp and everyday sounds, so far as the user, as long as the Department and company pick an APP, basically you can hear “music library” songs, simple enough.

Tencent, Ali was due to two camps won’t share exclusive resources, we can only in QQ music after listening to Jay Chou, replaced by shrimp music listen to Lee.

This pattern, with current video is quite similar. Once video has also appeared a number of APP, and now, since Ali bid and cool potatoes, form the BAT three online video platform, except for Ali, Baidu’s aiqi arts, owned by Tencent Tencent video viewers already get used to Web site single concept of broadcasting, video “three kingdoms” is estimated to last for some time.

In the music industry, the Internet will eventually go through the era of oligopoly, in addition to the online video site, outside of the standard, there are drops and quick, 58 and the fair, ctrip and where to go.

For the music industry, despite the “exclusive rights” have created a “separatist” situation, but in the entertainment capital, which is necessary for genuine, genuine compared to industry enormous good, a little switch trouble or could stand.

What’s more, decreed that the long points, which have long together.

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