Popular American TV shows broadcast to the sixth season of the walking dead, has punched a small orgasm after another, someone is excited, Carol runaway, was also in sadness, Glenn was “dismembered” … … But no matter what, as one has 6 years of drama, there are too many too many things to remember-so, when designers or craftsmen Turkey Merck, displayed on the Internet that he hand-made set of “mug” (Slow Joe Zombie Mug), the only outcome is expected to sell:

Formed by the pottery as a whole, according to Turkey himself, firing temperatures up to more than 1000 degrees Celsius, to ensure its strength. Material and surface glaze is made of safe, you can rest assured with the “tongue” … … From the pictures, this mug has a variety of styles can be selected, each fidelity can full marks and details and is full of feelings, it moved tiling (should actually be scared of, HA HA).

$ 220-a, has been swept away by fanatic fans of the walking dead, but Turkey also tightened supply, the next arrival is expected in February of this year, interested friends can focus on its official website: Fendi case

[via] Fendi

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Originally published at on January 30, 2016.

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