Please put the bond away, leaving bond and the car

Entering October, Liaoning steep temperature go down when it is not so cold and less.

For Qin tongerbao (not his real name), she felt cold not weather, but fur company run the business with my husband very bleak.

“A fox fur collar cost 180 yuan, now down to 150 Yuan, I is seen as lost, cut out the rest of the goods. “Qin may not realize it, but she sighed every two sentences later.

Tongerbao is a small town of Dengta in Liaoyang city, Liaoning province, under the jurisdiction of the county-level city, is located in the Hun too plain, South of Shenyang taoxian international airport, 45 kilometers south of Liaoyang city 25 kilometers.

In 2012, the tongerbao made Shenyang economic zone by Liaoning Provincial town, has been listed as a national comprehensive reform pilot town, one of the demonstration services convergent zone in Liaoning province, is well known for its Northeast “fur capital”.

Leather fur industry is the leading industry of tongerbao, town includes Haining leather city, Hong Kong times square more than more than 10 modern professional leather fur market, specializing in the marketing area of 800,000 square meters.

From October to next February, are tongerbao fur products of the season. Over the same period in previous years, groups of businesses and consumers will come, several Mall parking lot is always filled with cars.

This year, cruise has yet to appear.

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) reporter recently survey found, tongerbao a few shopping malls of many businesses are reflected in passenger traffic this year is unlikely, and earlier than in previous years, lost some sales ranging from 40% to 60%, most sales only to half of last year.

Merchants always looks forward to each year of doing business here can be a little cold in the winter, so that their fur business will be good. Particularly the idea this year.

“Year 11 golden week sales are a barometer, now so depressed situation, is hard to do business this year. “Tongerbao Director of a leading men’s leather factory song of journalists felt the surging.

In the Northeast under the background of economy is also facing great challenges, tongerbao a slice as sample, the fur business exception bad status seems to have expected.

In tongerbao first near the industrial park, a lot of family-style fur factory, most in making fur furry collars, fur cuffs. Business of the year “cold case” fur factory pressure caused by a lot of goods. Wen Neitu from the word journalist Roger

Below cost price

The morning of October 17, South of the Yangtze River it is also generally wear short sleeves, tongerbao there were adequate sunshine, and feel the warmth, swishing cold power is like a knife had penetrated the body.

Qin sat in his fur factory in the living room, every now and then to pick up the hot cup of warm hands. Temperatures colder than outside her family’s fur business.

Tongerbao began by many businesses rely on and sell fur, leather fur industry is the chain of beneficiaries. Qin is no exception.

15 years ago, Zhang Qin fur business, but first she was working for someone else. At that time, her factories employed large leather businesses making leather coat fur collar. With the furs gradually developed into market darlings of Qin to earn more and more money.

5 years ago, Qin decides not to work for someone else, and her husband opened now with this fur factory. There are two layers of fur factory, is on the second floor bedroom, was partitioned off into two rooms on the first floor, a living room, another is the fur factory. Due to the small fur factory size is not large, but the business is good.

Qin told journalists the surging, over the same period last year, due to the shop-front is smaller than it is now, she has only 4 workers working “very many orders, the men do not come often work late into the night about 12 o’clock. ”

Tired is tired, but can earn money on the line, the businessman is this. Taking into account the performance of last year, and earlier this year, Qin also expanded the shop area, hired an additional 3 workers. But I didn’t expect this year, business is so bad.

Qin said that situation is particularly bad this year, “under normal circumstances, this time in previous years will have a lot of customers to place orders, orders so far this year had dropped by two-thirds, so money is certain. ”

Surging she gave journalists an account: before the Chinese new year, she scored more than 1000 Fox skin, buy more than 1000 years later and has since the beginning, it took about more than 2 million Yuan. A fox fur 5 fur collar can be made eventually. When selling goods, according to the same period last year, can fetch up to 220 Yuan a fur collar and even higher prices. But when I started selling this year, each collar drop to 150 to 160 Yuan. Qin conservatively estimates it will lose about 500,000 yuan, “it is still in the hands of Fox all cut to sell, not to mention the labor costs. (Now) sold goods, wages or not, doesn’t it? “Qin asked with a bitter face.

Could not be so upset.

Qin said as early as three months of age, a Fox collar down to 180 yuan sold well, “my husband doesn’t know, and always felt that cold weather will come back up. Later, a little drop, now down to 150 Yuan. ”

Tongerbao Haining leather city, is the largest local leather, fur market, there are three stages. Pictured above is a three-phase project, was put into use last fall.

Pictured nearby is Haining leather city, once a month.

Big companies laid off a production line

Not only like a couple of Qin such small scale business downturn, this “cold” also affects tongerbao well-known large enterprises of the local.

Tongerbao Director of a leading men’s leather factory song told journalists the surging, the leather company has been established for 15 years, he entered the leather business for 8 years, he had never seen sales like this year is so bad.

Song Director said that selling season of the year are 11 Golden weeks up to the end of this period of time, “last year at this time we are working overtime to work, work until almost daily until the wee hours, no orders this year, business is very quiet. ”

Song Director revealed to journalists surging, the firm is yixiaodingchan, in advance part of the inventory and production according to the customer. Leather not sorrow sold in previous years, received orders to do their business, will go to Zhejiang Haining do there part to ensure timely supply to supply customers. The objective situation is not very optimistic this year, orders received were not enough to feed the factory currently employs nearly 300.

Where cold, song Director did not hesitate, “retail accounted for 60% of the total sales of our enterprise and wholesale 40%. On October 8 during our 11 sales statistics, and than in the same period last year, sales fell by 34%. ”

11 golden week results are seen as a barometer of corporate business this year.

Over the same period last year, the company opened a total of 11 in Harbin, tongerbao and outlets, further extended to the first half of this year 14 stores. 3 new stores were opened in tongerbao in large shopping centres. “For example in Haining leather city, (tongerbao the local’s largest mall) store is 2.05 million was spent buying, decoration and spent more than 400,000 yuan, which are only spending on store. Hired labor, electricity, water and property costs you don’t count, count down, cost 3 million Yuan. “Surging song Director told journalists expand their scale of operation in order to increase sales, but the result is not satisfactory.

Current situation in response to the downturn, the company has decided to withdraw a production line. There are 5 lines, now only 4 left. Nearly 20 workers on the Assembly line. “We have no way, nearly 300 employees at the plant, is behind the 300 families, times are tough, people are hungry. “Song factory Director said.

This is only the first step to save. At present, the company’s leadership has been thinking focused on the “what next year” on the issue.

Song Director said: “according to the present situation, production may have continued to decrease next year. It will close at least 3 stores, may also be closed 5. ”

, Including the famous leather company, the whole atmosphere of the industrial park, tongerbao leather, fur looks a bit low. After night comes, industrial parks, few can see lights on the work of the factory.

Haining leather city, three venues, passenger flow was very low.

“You sell a few” to “this opening are not”

Production and processing areas of decadent associated with leather fur sales declines this year. Though there is a temporary decline, but it seems to operators of fur, the Outlook is not optimistic.

Local tongerbao Haining leather city, is the largest fur square, altogether invested in three phases, phase III projects put into use in the fall of 2014. Surging observed by journalists, which is also the most shopping malls to attract foreign businesses and consumers.

According to tongerbao Haining leather City Hall in three phases within a help desk service staff revealed that every October to next February, are tongerbao fur products of the season. Every season, the local shopping mall attracts eyes especially fur traders in the North of the country, groups of businesses and consumers will follow.

In previous years, “when the weather is cold, almost every day, from Shenyang, Changchun and sent the bus carrying a load of people shopping here, most trying leather fur styles here. “The staff said. Anhui Luan officially confirmed in Huoshan County

This statement has also been recognized outside the Mall more than security.

Peak season in previous years, when tongerbao a few shopping malls will be parked in the car park outside the vehicle, and even some cars due to come late and find a parking space, can be parked. The past two years, in order to stimulate consumption, tongerbao fur merchants will provide free bus, to Shenyang, soliciting.

According to the liaoshen evening news report August 2013, tongerbao season when traffic reaches 50,000 people a day, when sales exceeded 17.2 billion yuan in the first half.

However in mid-October of this year, surging journalists through a week of observation, and not such a hot scene this year, even on weekends, major shopping malls within the passenger flow is not too much.

Most of the time, the stores salesmen are standing at the door looking out, to attract passing customers. Anhui Luan officially confirmed in Huoshan County

A not too famous fur brand store manager Guo surging in some self-deprecating journalist said, “we chatted several clerks greet next door asked, ’ how much did you sell today, ’ are now ’ did you open today ’, the reality is so cruel. ”

Surging nearly more than more than 20 leather fur merchants have complained to journalists revealed that sales in the second half only from October this year, compared with a year earlier, sales declines ranging from 40% to 60%, most sales only to 50% last year.

Tongerbao Haining leather city, most big name brand of a fur store owner Zhang surging journalists revealed that they increased their two store brands in the case, 11 by conservative estimates holiday sales are down 60% over the last year or so. “Last day has sold more than 300 pieces of at least 200 pieces of base, now has more than 100 pieces. ”

Several stores in this brand, you can see tea table stocked with dozens of bottles of mineral water and sweets. The season two years ago, in-store customers to stand in line to pay, wait can drink business to provide water in the process. This year, most of these mineral waters became a decoration.

In October the first half, compared with a year earlier, tongerbao sales sharply decline in the fur business.

Food prices is one of the reasons

According to tongerbaozhen the Government staff to a surging news, tongerbao nearly leather fur production and processing enterprises, operating more than 4,000 households. Leather fur market area has reached 800,000 square meters of tongerbao, is defined as the Shenyang economic zone in a city on the rise.

Perhaps it is hard to imagine tongerbao was just an agricultural town, not a formal road, a proper market, much less a tall building.

Two years ago, the liaoshen evening news reported, the leading industries of leather, fur, as tongerbao, starting from the middle of the last century 80 ’s, growing until later brilliant, experienced “original beginning, development and growth, adjustment of bottom, furs, comprehensive revitalization” five phases.

Downturn in momentum this year, why not?

These famous men’s leather factory song to a surging news analysis the causes: “leather a large part of our production is for the farmer ever are flocking to buy friends and relatives knew each other, and this year the purchasing power of this piece is obviously inadequate. “He said, feel around this year, many friends and relatives did not earn much money, buy fur power naturally reduced.

In mid-October, “China’s three major staple food prices fell” reported song may partially out of the Director’s judgment. Reports indicate that this year’s grain harvest, but the prices fell, some farmers ’ incomes plummeting.

Reports, corn prices dropped significantly, farmers ’ prices fell by an average of more than 20%, declines compared to last year as high as 30%.

According to the national development and Reform Commission announced cost-benefit accounting system of agricultural products, corn fertilizer price changes over the period, and the current price changes, as well as domestic corn seeding estimate shows that “corn last year profit was 46 billion profit was-97.7 billion this year, representing a decline in disposable income of farmers this 143.7 billion yuan. ”

In addition, the wheat before the national day has gone through a round of “Cliff” down. Rice prices in some areas had smaller declines than in previous years. These are more or less affected the farmers ’ market.

“Consumer spending have turned cautious, customers to visit, access to shop several times for fun, cut especially to bargain hard, complained that wages are down with us, wants to buy a big (especially high prices) much clothes look. “Surging above a fur brand store manager Guo to journalists feeling, now a market devoid of dynamics.

Above tongerbao where a men’s leather factory song words, he met several times this year to the field, “around and chatting into contact with representatives of the industry, it is generally said not having a hard time. ”

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