See AdDuplex Win 10 Mobile market share at 14 I surprised

According to foreign media reports, the AdDuplex announced on August 22, 2016 Windows Mobile Ecosystem intelligent mobile access snapshot data for its advertising network, the statistics capture world-wide within 24 hours of a total Windows Mobile smart phone usage. Results showed that with Windows 10 Mobile released, new operating system market share continues to grow, promoting Windows on August 22 10 Mobile in the Windows Mobile market share was increased to 14%.

AdDuplex statistics, Lumia 550 is the most popular Windows 10 Mobile phones, WP market share in the mobile phone market is 12.9%. In addition, the AdDuplex shows, Windows 10 Mobile (1607), installed after the annual update launch rate is on the rise, currently listed in the Windows 10 Mobile operating system market share to 52.4%. Meanwhile, Windows 10 Mobile 1511 market share of 41.3%,Windows 10 Mobile Redstone2 beta market share can reach 6.3%. Michael Kors iPad Air Case Michael Kors air Case

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Originally published at on October 12, 2016.

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