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Millions of people lost everything. Myself included. But some of us are wise enough to know that things could’ve been a whole lot worse had someone else been at helm. The nation’s and world’s economy was in a free fall, downward spiral when Obama took office. And things was well on their way to another Great Depression. You can’t dig your way out of something that drastically devastating in eight years. It’s far easier to get in a terrible financial bind than to get out. It took the nation from 1929 to the 1950’s to fully recover from the Great Depression but you can’t say Roosevelt wasn’t a great president. Senseless deregulation created the first great depression just as it created the Great Recession. That’s what Teddy Roosevelt was trying to prevent when he passed those laws but President Harding overturned much of what Teddy Roosevelt and Wilson had done.

Things could have hit rock bottom and the safety nets failed. It could have been like “The Job Family” in “The Grapes of Wrath.” But things didn’t get to that point because we had a leader who has some sense in how to run things.

Jay, can you please explain to me how you accomplished all this in less than two months? Trump has only been in office since January 20, 2017. So you are telling me that all of at suddenly something magically happened akin to Jesus preforming a miracle occurred the moment Trump place his hand om the bible and swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States? So if it happened as you say it did, it was already in motion when Trump took oath. Nothing happens that fast but a stock market crash.

I am happy for you if you are now doing well. But whatever financial system or advice you used to miraculously recover in less than two months you need to market it for it is definitely the fastest, most sure-fired one around. Every word of it is worth gold.

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