Our Strengths, Our Curse.

Have you ever been in that position where it is almost impossible to improve, not because you are being overcome by some insurmountable challenge, but rather because you know you are finally good at what you do? Or have you ever asked yourself, why bother put in all your 80% just to achieve the remaining 20%?

The truth is, it is hard to see any improvement when we finally attain the zenith of our strengths,simply because we are already good at what we do.

Okay, so you have that presentation to prep for, or you have got to attend a training session latter in the day, but then, you have this air of reluctance swirling around you, not because your head is filled with pride and arrogance, but because you feel, and you know, that these things are no longer challenging as they once were, and you could probably scale through them with your eyes closed.

This at times makes me wonder if it is even necessary to go all in with our strengths, because it is so damn hard to see that line of improvement at the end of the day.

And the funny but real truth is that, when we don’t see that tiny line of improvement or that spark of growth, if our results of today isn’t better than that of yesterday, it becomes increasingly difficult to motivate ourselves or to keep pushing, and most times, we become tempted to give in and let complacency take over.

And now, I am forced to think that our strengths can become our downfall.

You know it is quite different when we start from the scratch, our strength and weaknesses can be weighed on a balance, causing us to hide away our faces in fear, as the result could even discourage us from trying, but then, we realize that our strength lie within our ability to see through the challenges and build momentum for ourselves, causing the line of improvement steep so deep that with the little strength we have, we joyfully invite more challenges to make us better, but not realizing that today’s blessing could be tomorrow’s curse.

And to be honest, our strength invites challenges, and the road to attain mastery is rough and tedious, but we know that our greatest motivation comes from the fear of being weak or being perceived to be weak or from the thought of not being good enough, so we give in all we have just to attain perfection, but in the end, we think not of tomorrow and what room we leave for improvement.

And when we attain that height we solely craved, it then becomes so hard to either maintain or improve, because we are finally good at what we do. And when we live with this kind of thinking, it doesn’t take too long before we find ourselves struggling to be better again.

This not me saying that you shouldn’t improve, in fact, our daily growth is very important, but this is me thinking, what happens when our strength becomes our curse?

Inspired by Yard Garard.