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As I’m obsessed about the global economic impact of the virus, I’m going to list some curated notes here that pertain to Covid-19’s impact on the global economy and stock market. This will provide a historical reference point for further researchers, analysts and economics enthusiasts.

This section will be updated on a regular basis. So you can bookmark this article. Coverage began on Feb 23, 2020.

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Mar 2–05:09 pm: OECD downgrades 2020 GDP growth

In the Interim Economic Assessment, the OECD said global

U.S. Braces for Pandemic with grave warning from CDC

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It seems the Covid-19 outbreak in Italy and Iran is completely just a sign of how infected the world already is.

New cases today have popped up in Romania, Switzerland, Austria, among more countries globally while the CDC is ramping up its efforts to screen new potential cases in the U.S.

As outbreaks grow and spread in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, U.S. officials warn Americans to brace for their own. The U.S. whose economy is propping up the global economy won’t likely be spared.

The White House reportedly asked Congress on Monday for $1.25 billion in additional funding…

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As one third of SMEs will run out of cash this month, and another 33% are at risk for going bankrupt in two months in China. The PBOC can’t do enough to solve the SME sector in China as Covid-19 does not seem to be going away any time soon.

Meanwhile, a 20% correction to the stock market could occur if 80% these red flags occur. The following are from the Bank of America.

  1. Federal Reserve raising interest rates
  2. Tightening credit conditions
  3. Minimum returns in the last 12 months of a bull market have been 11%
  4. Minimum returns in the…

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As outbreaks emerge in South Korea, Italy and Iran — the race to a Covid-19 vaccine is on.

Pharmaceutical experts have warned it could take around a year to develop a vaccine and countries are already beginning to invest in a big way. Separtely, the WHO’s Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan calls for a total resource requirement of US$675m, of which US$61.5m is for WHO’s urgent preparedness and response activities for the period of February to April 2020.

The economic cost of the novel coronavirus just gets bigger by the week. Ghostowns emerge as quarantines are occurring in affected areas…

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In three parts of the world outside of China, there’s a serious and growing coronavirus outbreak. In just 3 days:

  • 3 cases grew to 79 in Italy
  • 104 grew to 556 in South Korea
  • 5 cases grew into 29 in Iran (with 6 deaths).

The problem is in Iran, the media was instructed not to report on it since the Government wanted a higher turnout for their election.

In Iran there’s likely even more than South Korea since it spread rapidly from the religious city of Qom to other cities in Iran.

For each death, there’s likely 50 actual cases…

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Facebook wants to digitally bank the unbanked, with a blockchain currency stablecoin like Libra coin.

Facebook’s Libra project is controversial, and when payment partners left its potential Libra Association partnership, we didn’t know who might join it given its legal issues with compliance as a digital currency wanna-be.

However in February, 2020 we got some crazy news. Shopify, sometimes called the Amazon of the North, actually announced on Friday, buried beneath coronavirus news, that it’s taking the plunge as an E-commerce partner of Libra.

This is extremely noteworthy, as Paypal led an exodus of financial channels to leave it late in 2019. It’s a bit crazy on the face of it, but here’s the bare…

A pandemic is a serious economic problem of supply chain disruptions and SMB bankruptcies.

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In such a world, it’s difficult to trust China or even the World Health Organization. A week after they said cases had stabilized, infectious disease experts and scientists that the virus is spreading too quickly and may be past the point of containment.

Pandemic levels? Many think so, including Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the former commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. More epidemiologists every week are interviewed who believe this has hit mild pandemic levels.

We must consider the severity of contagion in Iran, South Korea, Japan as just the beginning indications this hasn’t been contained in China, only…

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The novel coronavirus of the covid-19 disease is still a global unknown. However new confirmed cases in Japan suggest the potential for young people to unwittingly spread it to their more vulnerable family members.

Children and young people under 30 seem to be particularly resilient against Covid-19, but could they be spreading it to the rest of the population?

Super-spreaders of the virus are more likely to be accidents of context, like the conference in Hong Kong, or the Daegu sect, or the Surgeon in Japan or how spreading occurred on board the Diamond Princess.

Cases where you work with…

Hard to refute mild Pandemic status now in February, 2020.

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With about 1.2% of coronavirus cases not showing symptoms, transmission is virtually impossible to contain. South Korea is recently finding this with the fastest spreading Covid-19 outbreak outside of China.

South Korean officials said on Saturday that 229 new cases had been confirmed since Friday, raising the total to 433. South Korea had just 46 cases on February 19th, three days later it’s approximately 10 times that.

Recently, Chinese researchers just confirmed that patients can transmit the coronavirus without showing symptoms. A woman passed it to 5 relatives. …

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