App Store Optimization Tips on Keyword Strategy

Keywords play a crucial role in app store ranking. Just like keyword optimization in SEO, your keyword strategy in app store optimization (ASO) also matters a lot. It is such an important factor that you have to have a full-fledged app store keyword ranking strategy as a major component of ASO. Make sure to follow these 5 ASO tips within your keyword strategy.

1. Put the Most Important Keyword in App Name

The app name carries significant importance within the app store’s ranking algorithm. So make sure that you place the most important and relevant keyword in the app’s name. If you want to achieve higher ranking and conversion, this is where your most relevant key phrase should be. When inserting keywords, make sure they are used as such. This is because word order is significantly important in the app name.

2. Avoid Keyword Repetition

Another important app store keyword ranking tip is to avoid repetition. Don’t use the same keyword again. If a specific word appears again in another key phrase, use it only once. This rule also applies to insertion of keywords in the app name. If repeat words, it will be wastage of available space and will also reduce the importance of the repeated words.

3. Choosing the Right Keyword

Most app developers and marketers will use app store optimization tools to choose the right keyword. Make sure to follow these tips when creating your keywords list.

  • Relevance: Keyword relevance is the most important factor. Select keywords that perfectly describe your app’s core purpose and functions. Higher the conversion rates, the better your keyword rankings will be. You should also seek more relevant long tail keywords.
  • Keyword Rankings: You should search for relevant keywords with high rankings. Target keywords that rank in the first 10 search results. Another factor is competition. It is best to rank for keywords which have least competition.

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  • Search Volume: You should also consider the popularity of keywords. There are app store optimization tools that can help you list keywords in terms of their search volume. Many tools now make it easier to learn about the precise search popularity of keywords. This is possible even for keywords in other languages.

4. Focus on Shorter Keywords

If you can focus on shorter keywords, it will help you increase the number of targeted keywords. This means there will be more search results in which your app can rank. Even when thinking of this factor, relevance should be your first priority.

Even when you have implemented an app store keyword ranking strategy, it is not something that you have to follow forever. Make sure that you regularly monitor your rankings and conduct keyword research.

The keyword dynamics keep changing with time and you should be open to making the required changes to stay within the top rankings. So follow these above-mentioned strategies to address one of the most important aspects of your app’s rankings. The app store algorithm requires keywords to learn about an app, so you can never underestimate the importance of keyword strategy.

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