Invest in Qtum Ahead Of The Mainnet Release

The Qtum Team has officially announced the date of their much-awaited main release, that is, Main Network (Mainnet). Mainnet, the follow up of their second Testnet Skynet, is all set to be launched on September 13th, 2017. This event will take place before Wanxiang’s Blockchain Conference.

Key functionalities of Skynet that Qtum’s Mainnet incorporates:

· Decentralized Governance Protocol

· EVM on Unspent Transactions Output(UTXO)

· Proof-of-Stake Consensus

· Mobile smart contract functionality.

On Sep 13 with the release of Mainnet, the significant milestone of Qtum project, this team of blockchain enthusiasts will be taking a step towards their dreams. The more they move closer to their goals the more business intensive this blockchain tech will become. That will be something that resonates well with their motto “The Blockchain made ready for business”.

Market developments:

With the announcement being made, the price of the Qtum has surged about 28 percent and is currently trading at $19.07. It is expected to cross the $20 mark comfortably. I would suggest that it’s still not late to buy Qtum as of now. Its price will surge till Sep 13 for sure and is even capable of replicating the Neo skyrocketing phenomenon. Don’t miss this unique short term gain opportunity and trade your fiat with Qtum and enjoy the profits.