Structured Ideation


In previous posts, I have mentioned my fascination with Kinder Eggs. Because of their surprise toy element at the core of the egg, the FDA decided to ban the sale of Kinder Eggs since it could pose as a potential choking hazard. Therefore, this product is perfect for this week’s idea generation as we use structured ideation to modify an already existing product. Using SCAMPER, I listed 10 ideas for each of the components.


Can I change any parts? Can I use other ingredients or materials? Can I substitute one part for another?

  1. White chocolate
  2. Cheese
  3. Fruit snacks
  4. crackers
  5. Edible rice paper
  6. Edible hard shell
  7. Layer various flavors
  8. Change egg shape into house or car
  9. Education reading instead of toys
  10. QR codes
  11. Shrink shrits
  12. Marshmallow/S’mores


What ideas or parts can be combined? Can I combine or merge it with other objects? Can I combine different talents to improve it?

  1. Snow globe Kinder egg
  2. Matryoshka doll-like Kinder egg
  3. Remoldeable Kinder egg
  4. Treasure chest
  5. Caramel clustered egg
  6. Kinder egg + butter popcorn
  7. Kinder egg that holds milk
  8. Real fruit pieces infused in chocolate of Kinder egg
  9. Kinder egg + potato chips
  10. Kinder egg as portable fondue


Is there something similar, but in a different context? Does the past offer any lessons with similar ideas? What ideas outside my field can I incorporate?

  1. Kinder egg can be like a milk carton, fill inside with chocolate milk, come with cookie straw
  2. Kinder egg made into portable fondue, come with pretzel for dipping
  3. Mini kinder eggs filled with various puzzle pieces
  4. Kinder egg music box
  5. Marble egg (swirl of white, dark, and milk chocolate)
  6. Instead of toy fill egg with a fortune/word of the day
  7. In the shape of various fruit, each fruit shape would reflect the flavor the chocolate is infused with
  8. Kinder egg filled with content (i.e. pretzels, crackers, cookies, etc) to make a snack kit
  9. Kinder egg ring like Ring Pops
  10. Kinder egg lollipop


What can you add? What can be exaggerated or overstated? Can I add extra features or somehow add extra value?

  1. Add designs onto eggs (i.e. feature artwork of less well-known artists)
  2. Sell different size eggs (i.e. quail vs ostrich)
  3. Different flavor of chocolate (i.e. raspberry, peppermint, orange, etc)
  4. Design it like an egg in the various stages of hatching
  5. Utilize organic ingredients, decrease amount of fat and chemicals used
  6. Kinder eggs are banned since US regulation doesn’t allow placing a non-food object inside the food when it is not visible from the outside → scientifically engineer a clear/translucent chocolate egg
  7. Instead of using a pure chocolate base, use rice paper then flavor it to taste like chocolate to produce a translucent Kinder egg
  8. Inscribe social media information about the company on the egg to promote
  9. Multiple layers of flavor and ingredients
  10. Scientifically engineer the chocolate to have a higher melting point

Put to Other Use (reverse adaptation)

Are there other possible uses if it’s modified? If I knew nothing about it, would I figure out the purpose of this idea? What else can it be made from?


How can I simplify it? What if it had less of something? What parts can be removed without altering its function?

  1. Eliminate the plastic barrier between the toy and chocolate
  2. Make smaller size eggs so it’s more convenient to carry around
  3. Exchange plastic barrier for a hard, edible one
  4. Have more complex flavors instead of just having a milk-chocolate option


Can I interchange components? Are there other patterns, layouts or sequences I can use?

Table Based Tool - TILMAG matrix

X-axis = undesired effect

Y-axis = feature to improve

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