Using Neopixels in your cosplay project

Oswald and Velvet’s psyphers
A psypher with neopixels lit up inside

The Project

This project was to create props from the Vanillaware game “Odin Sphere” for a group of cosplayers. In-game, the weapons have gems at the top that pulse with light, and we wanted our props to do the same. In order to get the lights in each prop to pulse at the same rate, I decided to install Bluetooth compatible microcontrollers attached to Neopixel strips, and made a corresponding iOS app that could control all the props at once.



For our psypher project, I wrote a few different settings for the lights. We wanted them to pulse like they do in the game, and to be different colors depending on the color of the acrylic they’re going to be cased in. They can be toggled between solid lights (better for photos) or pulsing.

You’ll need to install the Neopixel library, and then the rest of the setup is fairly simple. We have a method for a solid light, color changing, and pulsing.

Putting it together

Neopixels are very easy to connect to a microcontroller. They require a connection to GND, 5v, and a data source pin to provide instructions. On the Bluefruit I used pin 6 for the data.

Video of the psypher lights
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