Your brain is a powerful tool, work with it, not against it

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We are all subject to the throes of studying. Of stuffing seemingly worthless information in and hoping it stays. We wish it were easy, that we could read and it would go in and stick. Like that braniac kid we read about, or the super hero that deep down we believe we could be. It just takes that special something…

Lets not kid ourselves, studying is hard work, even those at the top of the class find it hard, which is funny because they do the most of it. …

The stock market is often perceived as a monster, it is not. Just don’t push it….

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In my experience with university students (and to a degree the population at large, particularly younger people) there is a curiosity and desire to invest, and yet a lack of any practical steps, or know how, towards actually doing this effectively. Many of the barriers of entry amount to one of two things, lack of capital (that, I can’t help you with), and knowledge. The latter is the easy part in using the intelligence and passion you are already in possesion of.

The lack…

Healthcare on the Blockchain - cryptocoinmastery

It has never been of more vital importance to be able to trace disease, illness and epidemic to its source location than today, as air travel passess 4 billion annual passengers, and almost one billion people fall sick to foodborne illness each year. The question is less now about how do we cure illness and disease, but rather, how do we cure it faster?


Another spread of E. coli across the United States and some parts of Canada this October has led to a full-bore investigation into what victims were eating, narrowing down to Romaine Lettuce.

However, despite the fact…


If you have ever brought up bitcoin or cryptocurrency with someone who is unfamiliar with the technology, you know the agony of attempting an understandable and concise explanation. Damn near impossible I must say.

In part this is because of its novelty, theres nothing else like it! Thats why its so special.

Its very difficult to use analogies to explain it, as one would provide a satisfactory explanation of an automobile to an ancient Egyptian: “like a cart, that powers itself and doesn’t need horses”, or, the solar system to a five year old: “see these nine rocks here, all…

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Gerry Pond is a friend of my father’s from the IT industry and a 30-year C-suite veteran in Saint John, Atlantic Canada. Gerry is highly regarded by all of his employees and people he has worked with for his unrivaled dedication, passion and vision for not only the company, but the people and community. As one of the most prominent startup investors in this part of the country, he has established that through his extensive mentoring and contact as president/CEO of NbTel/Bell Aliant, and now as founder and chairman of East Valley Ventures, his angel investing group.

Gerry personally founded…

All this time talking about greatness

Failing to put the pieces in their places

This effort and energy goes wasted

To blow away unnoticed.

The frailty of focus

Is least lost on us.

The generation of obliviousness

Ostensibly seeking awesomeness

Lost in the abyss.

For a long time there has been a grip on the collective consciousness of drugs and their consumption. This has been propagated through “public safety” campaigns such as reefer madness and “just say no” leading to attention suppression of drug awareness rather than proper education. Drugs have, as put by Terence Mckenna, become a “spectre haunting…

This is a statement that so often gets lost in the noise — blown away in the wind of one side trying to win. Cryptocurrency has become a battle call to those who feel belittled or pitted against governmental and institutional financial control. This isn’t tribalism. We aren’t in different factions — its ironic with the “crypto” maximalists up in arms with imperial capitalists — one trying to topple the other, not realizing we stand on the same tower.

Monetary movement, through lines of credit and receivables, from consumers through terminals to merchants, through remittance companies and clearing houses, from…

A House On Fire

The world is burning! No, the light is shining! The house is coming down around us! Or is it being built up? And so the rhetoric continues thus with everybody conducting their own analysis with no decision unanimous. It’s odd because throughout the recent times in the social sphere of this industry there has been rampant conviction of either death or heaven being the direction we are heading. With newcomers frequently screaming: “buy more! 100x long! Sell the house, sell the spouse!” Or — “why did I listen to @OG(ryptoG0d he said we were going to…

Where do you seek for the next opportunity? In what realm do you delve to develop your effectivity? To escalate your special ability and carve your name in history? Fight as I might, I seemed to struggle with this — the breaking through limits that resist and inhibit in order to enter the existence on the frontier of this industries progression. Ultimately, it is a mutually run pyramid scheme with the “OG’s” and elites reaping most the rewards from the entering of the naïve. Albeit many of these people are in it to mislead and deceive — but what I…

Nolan Maxwell Mcguigan & Brendan J. MacNeil

Nolan and I (Brendan) met in the fall of 2016 on the fourth floor of Eaton house, Acadia University. There took place many dreams of the beautiful place the world we could make — that at this pace we could forever change this societal race. So together we came, to try our hand at this great game.

Nolan and I have very different specialties that are inherently complementary. Nolan is a man of business, of the profession of people and potential. He comes from an entrepreneurial family, where the primary focus is seeing…


Changing the world through art and invention, we focus on personal growth, innovation in technology, and advancing the way we live.

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