Transgender People and “Biological Sex” Myths
Julia Serano

You contradicted yourself. One of your points was that the brain has a clear sexed partition that, in trans people, are often more similar to the corresponding parts in the brains of those who share their identity. I.e. trans woman have female brains and trans men have male brains. However, when you were answering to what you assumed the “trans women are biological males” camp were going to respond with you completely ignored your point. You basically bowed to what they said. Your point, I thought, was that you are a woman and therefore your brain is female and always has been. The Camp saying your brain must be male is ignoring your point, you may have been born male in many other respects but not the brain. The fact you’re trans suggests that your brain is female and therefore that your sex is less easy to determine than most. But you simply said that the brain doesn’t dictate gender, completely breaking the entire previous point.

It should also be made more clear how rare intersex conditions are, even if most people don’t have genetic tests most people DO fit within the loose category of male or female.

Another argument you could make is that even if being trans is defect or mutation that isn’t natural and doesn’t have a purpose for human survival many undergo surgery and medical intervention to cure a life threatening, inconvenient or uncomfortable defect or mutation and no one gives them stigma. Why would they for us?

Still, decent article.

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