‘If It Doesn’t Challenge You,It Doesn’t Change You’

It was a beautiful Monday morning and I was so excited about this day because I had finally made it to the boot camp. I was all bubbly and I just could not wait to start out the projects I was assigned to(projects that I did not know anything about because I have a background in Graphic Design).

We started off with a Kick Off call at 10:00 am from my facilitator and the team members. It was more of a welcoming ,introduction,question and answer call. As a team, it was very important to get to know each other and feel at ease with each other ,so it became easy for us to work as a team and ask questions freely. Our facilitator took us through what we were expected to do and of course in every task we do he reminded us to always keep it E.P.I.C.

So yeah,I was ready to start writing some code.

I was assigned a task I knew nothing about but that did not make me want to give up instead it made push on and get the task done.At first, it seemed hard to get the tasks done but the more I read and understood how the task was supposed to be done plus the passion that drives me it become easier and fun to complete the tasks.

Programming/coding is a very exciting and at the same time a challenging field which I love.The feeling of accomplishment welled up inside me after completing my tasks for the day.

So yeah,the first day of boot camp was a totally new experience and challenging day for me…good thing is that I did not give up. Never give up.I do not believe in giving up even when a task seems hard to complete. That is why I ‘keep fighting through some days to earn the best days of my life’.

I believe that ‘we do not grow when things are easy,we grow when we face challenges’…so have learned to take each challenge positively and use it as a stepping stone to grow and be better everyday!

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