Warm-Hearted Thursday

It is end of week one and I am so excited and nervous at the same time. The week was short but filled with lots of activities and challenges. I am grateful that I was able to get through week one despite the blockers.

I had an amazing and awesome team. Always ready to assist since day one. I have not had a problem bonding with any of them,they are so easy to talk to,friendly,helpful and understanding. They almost feel like family now. In fact,they are family. I can not wait to meet these amazing and brainy dudes next week for boot camp week two. We just make an awesome team and would love to work with them again.

Now to the man of the week(drum roll…)yes ,it is my facilitator Didacus Abong’o but we call him Didah. He is more than a facilitator to us,he is a friend very approachable. He has always been there for our team,helping us out when facing blockers. Listening to us and he is a very understanding guy. I remember during the week I had issues with my laptop like twice and I reached out to him,talked to him about the challenges I was facing…and he was very understanding.

I am so grateful for all the new friends I made this week. I have learned a lot from each one of them. Though have not met them face to face ,am hopeful we will meet next week boot camp two.


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