Why the Green Party Has Destroyed Itself with Jill Stein
Sasha Stone

As unpleasant as what you are saying is, you are exactly right. The only way to do anything at all to help the environment politically is to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary may be a lukewarm supporter of environmental issues but, she believes that humans are causing climate change, she’ll keep the existing protections in place, and she’ll participate in international talks about what more to do. With some pressure we might even get her to do better.

Trump is actively opposed to environmental protection. He’s already stated that he’d end the protections Obama put in place. He’s against the necessary international cooperation. And he doesn’t even believe that humans are responsible for climate change. His election would be an environmental disaster.

Our only option, if we want to do anything positive about the environment is vote for Hillary. Given the way our electoral system works, any other choice is effectively voting for Trump, effectively voting against the environment. We can hold our noses if we have to, but we MUST vote for Hillary Clinton.

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