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Listen, there is a 0% chance that the Green Party will win. None whatsoever. If we don’t at least start there, we aren’t facing reality at all. The only two parties that could take the Presidency is the Republicans and the Democrats. Clinton and Trump are their candidates. There is no way out of that now. And the way first past the post voting works, any vote that isn’t for Clinton is effectively a vote for Trump.

Clinton’s commitment to the environment is weak but she’d keep the existing protections in place. She’d participate in climate talks. She’d take some, if probably insufficient, actions to work on the issues. She believes in human caused climate change. With pressure, we might be able to do better.

Trump is actively opposed to taking action on climate change. He actively plans to scrap the existing protections. He is against participating in climate talks and in international cooperation in general. He does not believe in human caused climate change.

It doesn’t matter how much we dislike Clinton. It doesn’t matter how far from our metrics she falls. It doesn’t matter how much we would prefer to vote for someone else. A vote for anyone other than Hillary Clinton is a vote against the environment. A vote for anyone other than Hillary Clinton is to encourage human caused climate change. That’s the reality. We must face it, swallow our pride and vote for Hillary Clinton. Vote for the Democrats.

To do otherwise is to decide you don’t ACTUALLY care about the environment.

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