WTF Is Apple Thinking With the New MacBook Pro and Touch Bar?
Trent Lapinski

Apple’s opinion of it’s OS is increasingly priced in to the hardware itself. For the same price as any MBP you could buy Windows / Linux hardware that dwarfs it in terms of hardware specs. The only thing you would buy a MBP at this point for has to be the OS.

In addition to getting better specs for often a lower price, shopping Windows-based PCs would allow you a much much much much wider array of options from touch-enabled 2-in-1s, top-end gaming devices, larger display sizes, etc.

As a professional, it seems to me Apple is clearly thinking its marketing can fool people to whom a computer is not a status but a tool to accomplish work efficiently and effectively.

FYI for comparison:

15" MBP — $2,800!!!

2.7 GHz i7,


512GB SSD,

Radeon 455 (2GB RAM)

OR save $700!

MSI — $2,099!!!!

17" (larger display, 4k),

2.6 GHz i7,

16GB RAM (same),

512GB SSDb (same),

NVIDIA 1060 (6GB RAM!!!)

for that same $2,800 price you could get a laptop with the top-end NVIDIA 1080 graphics card, or a GIANT SSD, or pick your poison.

Point is, at the prices they are currently asking for old hardware specs, you could do a lot better.

If you’re a pro user, Apple is basically telling you they don’t care anymore, they’ve moved on to the clueless buyer with more money than sense.

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