Spiritual Capitalism
umair haque

As part of my work with economics I am working on the development of the metacapital framework that includes 10 types of capital. One of those is spiritual capital which is different than spiritual capitalism which seems to refer to the market mechanisms of selling spirituality an serving, in many cases, as a tool for bypassing their unethical behaviors. So I wonder about your thoughts about what we call Spiritual capital. In my perspective if someone has spiritual capital is because they hold a higher purpose in their soul and their actions and behaviors are in integrity with what is true, good and beautiful. If people hold that higher purpose in individual levels it doesn’t have the impact as if they hold it also in the collective level. So perhaps, someone that screams to their employees and at night goes and meditates for one hour has a certain level of spiritual capital but certainly not in alignment unless their full actions are aligned to empowering all around them. Small incremental steps? Metacapital.net

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