I’m not clear why the focus here is on worker cooperatives, when perhaps a more appropriate model…
Graham Mitchell

I believe that there is not ONE single form to build the commons. Platform cooperativism as named by Trevor is one form then there is the multi-stake holder cooperative that you mention Graham that makes my heart sing. At VillageLab.net we are working with a Wealth Stewardship model to create a community of purpose that integrates the functions of wealth cultivation (financial and infrastructure capital) with Wealth generation (what is commonly named for profits and non for profits and its basically people generating wealth together, of course beyond money) and a Wealth integration function that is the glue, those that know how to build trust, create protocols on what we share, how we share, ownership/access, governance and more. Our purpose is to do exactly what you mention of bringing a flow of financial capital that is in high integrity and doesnt compromise the values of those creating businesses, products, services. We are creating a first circle and its multi-stake holder, not one organization but multiple ones, not one source but many. The tech platform we envision is one where flows of value are visible, where there is concrete metrics that enable us to relate with what we value and where no contribution is forgotten. This is a very small seed right now, as it has many implications, specially in the legal/fiduciary realm. Our laws and legal structures don’t provide the structures for a true ecosystem to flourish if we want to change the rules. cc Gunther Sonnenfeld Jeff Clearwater

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