So, there are people who tryna make you happy,

And there are some people who can make you happy without even trying.

Thank God, you’re both.

Thanks to you..

For always walk beside me,

For always have my back,

For being the dawn after an endless night.

Thank you..

For always holding my hand in my emptiness,

For always be there standing with your own light so I can find my way back to you.

Thank God I’ve found my way back to you.

That ‘almost lose you’

Turned out to be the most thing I fear of.

Waked me up with unevenly heartbeat

Makes me realize that I’d damned if I don’t tell you that apparently..

I love you.

I wish you know how sorry I am to put you in through hell instead while you pulled me closer to heaven.

But the most thing I want to thank you here is,

Thank you for showing me the way to be ‘me’ again.