The Art of Decision Making (for Art)

Although football might not exactly be our “DADA” (;)) we’ve now entered “squeaky-bum time” in UK — the week where critical decisions will be made, somewhat finally-ish.

Case you need a quick recap, here is how things are scheduled to unfold:

1. On Tuesday, Parliament will vote for a second time on Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement.
2. If Theresa loses, on Wednesday, Parliament will vote on whether to remove the option of a no-deal Brexit.
3. Thursday Parliament will vote on whether to delay Brexit.

Much of the Art World is nervous about what Brexit means for the UK market: border delays, import duty and the perception of London no longer being able to fulfil its role as an International HQ for dealing in the Trade of Art are just a few of the concerns. …

From Brexit, to Bombay via The Venice Biennale: a few of our top picks which will be making headlines this year.

It may feel like a year has already passed since January, having lost key creative icons Robert Ryman, Karl Lagerfeld and Mark Hollis (the singer from Talk Talk); we’ve seen London Art Fair, Verbier Art Summit, Art Genève, Elevation 1049 and 1–54 Marrakesh go from strength to strength and we are gearing up for the first contemporary art sales from Sotheby’s and Christie’s in the shadow of Brexit with the helm of of their departments having experienced significant changes.

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Robert Ryman “untitled” 1961

With this in mind, with thought we collate a little collection of significant events we which will surely be appearing on whatever feed you choose to get your information from. Of note, 2019 seems to be a year where we will continue to see the championing under-recognised Female Artists, African Art, as well as African American Artists; the continuation of new art canons emerging with the construction of new museums and the globalisation of Art Fairs and emergence of New Biennales, as well as more and more in situ installations and destination exhibition spaces which continue to gain traction not just for the Art Market but for the whole cultural ecosystem. Of course Co-owership of Art will play a significant role in how the market evolves. …

Not Another Love Story.

It’s Valentine’s day 2019 — but don’t worry, this post doesn’t require pigtails and a sweet tooth to get through. And the only relationship you need to have is one with Art. And yourself, maybe.

In fact this year, surely reached peak self-love, self-care, and self-help, as you’d be hard pressed to find someone who wasn’t thinking they were due a little “me time” today because you know, #wellness.

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iPhone cover — the one for sale next to it says Keep Killin’ it

But this is not what we “mean” and yes, maybe Valentine’s day is a bit of an easy target for our inner cynic and Art Critic, but when you stick your nose into two of the most intoxicating expressions of our humanity, its hard not to get a bit, well, fervent and feral! …

Princess Gesine Doria Pamphilj shares her daily life with Caravaggio, Velasquez, JAGO and the Art World.

On the 25th of January 2019, Feral Horses was proud to launch the biggest community of art co-owners at the Palazzo Doria Pamphilj with the inauguration of JAGO’s HABEMUS HOMINEM in the home of its generous Italian peers. It will be on loan for the next few months to the Doria Pamphilj estate and open for visits from guests and co-owners alike. This is an interview with the resident Princess, HRH Gesine Doria Pamphilj, to understand a bit more about her heritage, legacy and her largesse.

This Palace is extraordinary, how long has it been in your family?

Since the…

Press time again for Feral Horses!

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Feral Horses is is a FT Top100

A few weeks ago we got an email out of the blue saying that we made it into this prestigious Top 100 within the New technologies and Business Models’ section including companies providing tools to help others with their digital transformations or challenging an industry sector with a disruptive business model. We were amazed to discover that we are together with: Gillian Tans , Nik Storonsky Revolut , Francesco Bellanca Feral Horses (Look, that’s us!) …

by the London Tech Advocates

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Francesco Bellanca, CEO of Feral Horses — Top 25 under 25 by London Tech Advocated

We are thrilled to share our latest amazing new with you: our CEO Francesco Bellanca was selected by the Tech London Advocates for the top 25 under 25, “highlighting the best and brightest of the UK’s next generation of tech talent”, how exciting is that?! This selection has launched its very first edition this year and Feral horses is more excited than ever to be part of the game!

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Olyvia Kwok, art dealer — Interview on Feral Horses

Olyvia Kwok is better placed than most to define the secret of success when it comes to dealing in art. The successful art dealer, who believes in the outstanding potential of art as an asset class, has been immersed in the art world since opening a gallery in London, at the age of 22.

Since then she has moved on from gallery ownership to providing finance, acquisition and portfolio services to clients who want to ensure that their art collections are financially optimised and not just aesthetically pleasing. Kwok has spoken about her work, and how she views the world of art collecting. She stated, “Sometimes I look at artists like a commodity balance sheet” and, “I like to know the age of the artist, how long he has been painting, how many he does a year, how many come up at auction and the frequency, are the prices coming within the estimate or above or below, what the thresholds are, how each year the price has moved”. …

We are proud to announce that we are starting a collaboration with UCL FinTech Society, Europe’s largest Financial Technology student-led society.

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“Having seen the likes of Airbnb, Netflix, and Uber revolutionise traditional industries, the art industry is one of many awaiting a transformation.” — Jaykishen Gokani

To start off, tell us a little bit about yourself! What is your academic and
professional background?

I study Management Science & Intelligent Systems at University College London and have previously studied abroad at Stanford University. I am currently the Chairman of Europe’s largest financial technology society — UCL FinTech.
In 2017, I founded a start-up, The Future Financiers, as a platform for students interested in Finance to further their understanding and excel in recruitment processes. …

Our team recently went through Y Combinator’s Startup School online programme.

This article is a brief rundown of our experience with YC’s Startup School.

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A brief overview of Startup School

Y Combinator’s Startup School is an online entrepreneurship programme for early and mid-stage startups looking to improve their knowledge on building a company while interacting with other entrepreneurs.

The programme is divided into two parts:

  1. The online lessons presented by Y Combinator staff or accelerator alumni. The lessons cover the most important steps of building a startup from legal and fundraising to finding product-market fit and conducting PR campaigns.
  2. The “groups”, each composed of roughly 10 companies of which the team members have weekly video calls or “office hours” to discuss their progress and exchange advice. Every week, as part of the group work, we had to input our progress on three metrics. …

Our latest interview with, independent art consultant, curator, writer, and art enthusiast, Tiziana Maggio.

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Tiziana Maggio — Interview for Feral Horses — Gueorgui Tcherednitchenko/ A Possible Space

“The art market is living an incredible era of change.”

— Tiziana Maggio

1. To start off, tell us a bit about yourself! Where do you come from, and what is your academic background? Where does your interest in art come from?

I am an independent art consultant, curator, writer and enthusiast for the art of all media. My passion for art comes from my family: when I was little we used to tour across Europe during the summer to visit museums, galleries and churches and discuss our impressions together, we had such fiery debates on modern art I remember!

I earned my MA in Art History from the University of Salento and gained a specialisation in Fine Art, Art Networks and Art Management from the University of Bologna. …


Feral Horses

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