Correlation between Programming and the Yoruba traditional worshippers

Programming as you all know dates back to, well a really long time ago. The Yoruba Ifa Priests as well dates back to a long time ago also. That’s a form of correlation if you ask me

Ifa divination as you don’t know has many versions, just like there are many programming languages (Second correlation!) There’s the Igbo version wherein Ifa — Afa (there’s supposed to be a form pronunciation mark, ain’t nobody cares ‘bout that) then there’s the Togolese and Ghanaian version too. I think this emphasizes the fact that there are several versions of Ifa divination, you can master one or choose as many as possible, just like programming. For the sake of this piece, we will focus on the Yoruba divination so as to have the same syntax!

The Ifa divination is based on some literary corpus called “Odu Ifa” we can compare this with the built-in functions and libraries of a specific programming language.
As Guido Van Rossum is to python so is Orunmila to Ifa divination, they’re both the grand commander, suffice to say the two different spectrums we’re considering have grown beyond what their founders could’ve imagined or fathomed! 
Enough of correlations!
Let’s delve into why Ifa Priests are the first programmers in Nigeria.
There’s a divination wooden tray called Opon Ifa, a divination chain called Opele, then sacred palm or kola nut called Okin.
The literary corpus herein referred to as Odu Ifa is a 16x16 deal. “It has 16 major books/chapters and each chapter has 16 verses or better called Odu”, the most imperative thing to note is that all 256 verses combined has every plausible outcome of any situation embedded in it. So basically it’s a 16-bit computing system.

So ergo just like your programming can be used to solve anything, Ifa too can. Keep in mind programming only came into Nigeria at max in the early 90’s meanwhile you know what has been in existence for quite a number of centuries, therefore there’s enough evidence to show that Ifa priests were the first programmers in Nigeria. 
Plus programming is basically to help solve human problems and also to do good, except when used wrongly by evil people same applies to Ifa.

Do you now understand why Ifa priests were the first programmers in Nigeria?
Fun Fact — 21 Savage is an Ifa worshipper, ergo he can be said to be a programmer!

Watch for the concluding part!