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FERA Strategies Governance section preview

Governance section

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to the FERA platform. Our new governance section will enable our community to collaborate in choosing the best tokens in the ecosystem.
You can join the panel by clicking on the Metamask icon in the top right corner of the platform page. Here you can also track the voting process and see new tokens added to the list.

— Please note that in order to be able to submit a proposal and vote, you need to hold at least 100,000 FERA tokens in your wallet —

Each token displayed will include its correct contact and link to an active exchange. Under the “voice” rating you will find the average score from all vote with the number of unique wallets that have voted.
Each wallet holding at least 100K tokens will be able to vote once per token. Votes cannot be change once cast, so vote wisely!

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FERA is proud to announce our new, updated and revamped Whitepaper version 2.0. We’ve revealed more information about all the plans we have including:

  • The Paragon Plan
  • The new Panopticon Platform
  • Our token burning plans

Let’s take a brief glance at them one by one, for full information, especially on The Paragon Plan, please see the whitepaper itself.

The Paragon Plan: Analysis Redefined

As detailed in last week’s reveal, our hidden gem analysis will give you a comprehensive rundown of the most promising projects. …

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DEXTools: Power to Traders

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last several weeks you’ve undoubtedly heard the buzz surrounding the awesome tech with which DEXTools equips users. DEXTools is a state-of-art platform that specialises in analytics for IDEX and Uniswap, which until very recently lacked such resources. With the current DeFi craze, DEXTools has become an essential tool for traders that are using Uniswap to trade DeFi tokens.

By aggregating all DEX and CEX exchange data, users can have optimise their research and exploration of the latest assets on the market. A free service exists for all traders, but for those who prefer a more in depth and up to date experience DEXTools utilises their native token DEXT to enable investors to access the full platform functionality. …

Paragon is a term used to describe both high quality gemstones and a measure of excellence. What better word then to name our premier report on cryptocurrency “hidden gems” to our investors? Our exclusive guide will aid you in navigating the at times treacherous world of cryptocurrencies. Our plans come in three formats, let’s take a look at what each of them offer.

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The Paragon Essential Plan: 15,000 FERA (~$25)

Our indispensable report will provide you with everything you need to make smarter investments in crypto. Compiled from three years of research and analysis of the market, this will include comprehensive coverage of all the relevant information needed to make informed investments. This information will be condensed into our Gem Value Rating, allowing readers to key details and a summary of our findings. …

Calling all creative FERAris! The team are excited to announce a community contest to design a new logo for FERA!
We want a look that’s bold, memorable and which embodies our vision as an innovative blockchain startup.
We’re open to ideas from across the board but remember to use the colours which match our brand. We’ll be rewarding the winners for their hard work and ingenuity with a series of prizes:

1st Place Gold: $200 FERA

2nd Place Silver: $75 FERA

3rd Place Bronze: $50 FERA

Winners will be chosen by you, our community, by a voting process on Twitter. Submit your idea to us by sending your HIGH QUALITY LOGO (.png, .eps, .ai …

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FERA Strategies partnered with BOMB Token

Inflation nowadays is the scariest, still underestimated issue in our modern society. Due to the economic conditions and difficulties caused by Covid-19, printing money is necessary to avoid a huge economic collapse.

An excessive and uncontrolled input of money into circulation is not healthy for the global lifestyle, causing an increase of market prices and poverty persistence in some areas of the world.

The crypto market has always been very open to new discoveries: that is why, about one year ago, people started talking about deflationary coins and how those could offer a valid opportunity against inflation.


Bomb Token, created by Zachary Dash (also Founder of XIO Network) was the first deflationary token to go mainstream: after the huge success, hundreds of copycats were created.
There were originally 1.000.000 BOMB, the world’s first self-destructing currency, distributed via airdrop. …

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Here we are: liquidity lock on Uniswap is the #1 trust issue.

Lately plenty of Uniswap scams popped out and anonymous people would add some ETH for liquidity and then suddenly remove it, scamming investors.

FERA case

Liquidity on FERA Token was added on August, 8, 2020. As the Whitepaper says, 20% of the entire circulating supply has been added to Uniswap, making FERA one of the lowest mcap tokens with a public team ever appearing on Uniswap lately. Yes, we started with 30k USD mcap, we decided to lift off from the ground without any presales/ICOs/fundraising.

Liquidity Lock Problem

As you might know, liquidity lock on Uniswap is not an everyday move: once you decided to lock ETH and tokens, you will never be able to gain them back.

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Chinese project VeChain value surges 150% in one month

Microsoft, Binance US and China

The recent surge of VeChain price, despite crypto market bad conditions, doesn’t have much in common with news and developments. Or at least, that is what we are thinking. Following Chinese President Xi Jinping’s decision to put the nation at the forefront of blockchain technology, many Chinese projects saw some decent rise, including NEO (from 6$ to 13$ at the end of October 2019) and others.

It would be easy to say VeChain is one of the most promising projects we should keep an eye on.

VeChain collaboration with Microsoft is about the re-release of the 1980’s gamebook The Way of the Tiger. As stated in their Twitter , VeChain Thor blockchain will be the host for the remake of this huge gaming project. …

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How many times, as a CEO or simply an investor, you have been told: “That crypto is literally going to the moon!” and you were thinking about some ways to drive up the price of your coin. And if this won’t happen, it means either the project is failing or your thoughts were inaccurate.

Nothing more wrong!

There are so many factors that could influence price, it is basically impossible to blame one single factor. Well, of course alt season is far, BTC dominance is very high, and in general everyone is waiting for a new bullish run.


Before hitting exchanges, you want to know the actual price of your coin. This will affect initial sentiment, investors’ moves (not everytime, it depends on the quality of your community), first sell-offs but more importantly, the chart and future price developments. …


FERA Strategies

FERA provides customized trading strategies for crypto traders focusing on microcaps and highly-speculative assets.

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