Mozilla Fellow Ayden Férdeline (center) in Dubai in March 2019

Around the world, policymakers are grappling with a huge dilemma when it comes to putting consumers in control of their personal data: where, actually, is the data?

The question is rarely simple to answer. The location of the physical servers that store personal information can often vary from where the operator of that hosting service is itself incorporated, which too can vary from the location of the person whose data is being processed — and the company who collected the information in the first place. …

Speaking during a charter drafting session during the ICANN meeting in Panama City, Panama

The Internet’s Domain Name System is a critical piece of Internet infrastructure that underpins the entire global digital economy. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the body which manages these ‘names’ and ‘numbers’ that ultimately allow the Internet to operate as one global, interconnected network.

You could say that ICANN is analogous to a private Federal Communications Commission. And the policies that ICANN develops and enforces directly impact our ability to exercise human rights online such as the right to privacy and freedom of expression.

One of the things ICANN manages is the Internet’s Whois service…

Ayden Férdeline

Tech Policy Fellow at the Mozilla Foundation

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