Out of my comfort zone: Don’t wait until you are good: Start and type now!

My first medium article.



I always dreamed about writing a blog.

I always loved the sound of tipping of type writers.

And writing always calmed me down. For my self.

Why did I not write?

I always found reasons not to write a blog.

The same with not performing or posting my songs. I wrote songs for a long time and I always found reasons not to perform them.

I was never happy with my songs.

They were never good enough to be out for my own standards.

I always preferred writing new songs instead then making my old songs better.

When I posted a song, I looked at it days later and I heard the mistakes and my own perfectionism prevented me from doing it again.

The same with articles.

Another reason:

The insight about constant change: I am changing. The world is changing. Opinions are changing. My own believe that I would be ready sometimes. Ready and Steady. My constant trueself and finally be ready to open up.

But now I realized there will never be the point where I would feel ready probably after waiting for such a long time like I did.

You need courage to jump in the water and start doing what you love. Because perfect will never happen unless you let it be as it is.