Today is my last day at Entrepreneur First, a talent VC that invests in individuals pre-company and pre-idea in Europe, Asia and, newly, North America.

There’s no better way to define my 15 months at EF than by saying it’s been an education in entrepreneurship. An intense crash course in starting not just one business, but hundreds.

And so, as I pack my desk and get ready to leave, I’ve been asking myself what the most important lesson was, one that I could leave for the benefit of future want-to-be founders that join the programme and for the first time operate in an entrepreneurial environment. …

Thoughts on being the first EF Launch Associate in Berlin

A little history: My first week at EF

I have been working at Talent Investor Entrepreneur First for almost a year now. I’ve had many aspiring entrepreneurs, VC enthusiasts, investors and friends ask me about my time at EF, and particularly about exporting EF to Germany. After working with two cohorts in the capital of techno and blockchain, now seems like a good time to stop and reflect.

This is not meant to be a post about the EF model: if you’re looking to familiarise yourself with EF, there are many better posts out there, written by our founders, team, investors and alumni.

My first week at EF felt a little like stepping on a rocket bound for space, and doing it during the last 10 seconds of the countdown to launch. …


Ferdinando Sigona

I am part of the investment team at LocalGlobe, a London seed fund. Passionate about starting things, telling stories and change. Italian living in London.

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