How To Unleash Your Creativity

1. Give yourself permission to create junk

“To be creative is just like gold mining, you have to sift through dirt and rocks to find the gold”.

In order for your work to be successful, you must have a variety of ideas, even if they're random and generally nonsense, eventually they'll connect.

2. Set up a schedule

Your genius doesn't simply appear on its own. You must trigger it.

You cannot become a millionare by thinking "how to be a millionaire" every minute of the day; you must take action, make decisions, and put your ideas into action.

“It is inevitable that you will fail, however it teaches you valuable lessons and makes you stronger.”

3. The act of finishing something

It is pointless to come up with thousands of ideas if you end up giving up.

In the course of generating something, it becomes harder and harder, and oftentimes we give up on ourselves to complete it, Instead, we'd like to come up with something new.

We kept repeating the cycle, and eventually we did nothing.

4. Stop judging your own work

You don't have to make a masterpiece all at once.

“Growth needs time and error to achieve perfection, so give yourself some appreciation and move on. No one was born with skills and talents right away, so be patient.”

5. Hold yourself accountable

It is common for some of us to feel we aren't capable of sharing something with others because we feel we aren't experts in that area.

It is called impostor syndrom.

It is essential that we make public our work, and that the community provides feedback so we can improve our work.

Therefore, when the feedback is generally negative, you learn to be accountable. On the other hand, when the feedback is positive, you become intrigued and motivated to achieve more.

1. Start with many ideas
2. Bring your idea to action
3. Always complete your work
4. Appreciate your work
5. Response for community’s feedback.

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Bring Ideas and Action In Justice and World Sustainability.

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Ferdi Rambe

Ferdi Rambe

Bring Ideas and Action In Justice and World Sustainability.

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