Simon Sinek is wrong about “Millennials”
Dominic James White

As others have said, older generations will always bash younger generations. The young are always considered lazy, and the elderly always glorify their past and exaggerate their own hardships. When the milennials get old, they will do the same thing. It’s human nature.

I think the entitlement problem is to be taken serious, but it will resolve over time as part of growing up. It’s not a really a choice, to be successful in this world you must be more patient and less demanding. People will get it eventually. Most people do in their mid to late twenties. You know, when the brain is fully developed, before that it is in quite a different state.

I think all of that will resolve itself as it always has done. What to me is truly new is the change in environment. I’m not even that old (1979), yet I can already clearly see that one generation younger than me is truly fucked.

(mind you, I’m from the Netherlands)

When I was a student and did some simple work on the side in retail, I made TWICE as much per hour as the new generation does of the same age. Whilst cost of living has gone UP dramatically.

My schooling, all of it, was FREE, given that I met the scoring requirements, which I did. A few years later, that system is gone, it is always a loan now, leading to dozens of Ks in debt, as a standard scenario.

I could buy my first hour in favorable mortgage conditions. Housing prizes had already gone up in absurd ways so the truly lucky ones were the generations before me, yet I could barely step in still. The generation after me: sorry, considerably worse conditions and even higher prizes.

I can retire at 67, unless I find financials ways to do so earlier. Generations before me could retire as early as 58. The generation after me? It’s coupled with life expectancy now, so they may never retire. And if they do, payout will be about half.

I could go on and make that list a whole lot longer, but the key point here is that in less than a decade, a generation is dramatically worse of. I’m not talking about baby boomer vs milennial. I’m talking about 10 years.

I’m not a financial expert, but my take on this is that the money for the milennial generation is already spent by previous generations and due to the financial crisis. They get all of the burden, and none of the rewards. This world is incredibly hostile to them.

A simple middle class ambition of work, house, car, spouse, family, health, pension used to take only moderate ambition, education and effort. Now it requires a super hero achievement by two people working 50+ hours a week.

But hey, they have an iPhone, so they’re spoiled.

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