What is the Pay Gap and How Can We End It?
Justine Bunis

“Even in 2016, there’s a stubborn difference in median yearly earnings for American men and women. But that 79% statistic does NOT mean that men and women with the same jobs are getting different paychecks every week.”

You should have stopped right here and get actual meaningful statistics, such as per industry wage gaps for equal work and education as input. Without that, indeed “it is complicated”, because the entire basis of the article is very shaky.

“Often, women who negotiate or speak up with different ideas in work situations get labeled as “bossy” or other negative personality traits”

Often by whom? I’ve worked for several years with multiple female leaders and I’ve never heard any male or anyone else label any of them as such. It is simply professional behavior to stand up for your right and to be assertive, you need to be in the business world.

That doesn’t mean it never happens, but even if it does, so what? I’d like to believe these labels are largely imaginative, because people want to be perceived in a specific way. Yet if somebody actually does explicitly apply that label, two things are true:

  • The person is an idiot for labeling you just for standing up for a basic right, thereby the opinion is irrelevant
  • The label (if it is “bossy” or something similar) is good. It’s a good quality to be known as a person not to mess with

None of this will actually happen though, because in general people don’t spend more than 3 seconds thinking about somebody else. It’s all imaginary. If you stand up for yourself, do good work, and help others, people can apply all the labels they want, who cares.

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