$PHP = 💩;
Simon Yousoufov

I believe even Node’s very own documentation states that it’s not yet a very good choice for a classic web application, instead better suited for highly parallel processing, such as in a chat app. If only somebody would read that.

The same can be said about people increasingly using NoSQL as a default solution, no matter their data modeling needs.

You could write your article in almost exactly the same way regarding jQuery. Every developer in the world knows it, mature tech, highly productive usage, vast eco system of plugins, a world of knowledge and Q&A available.

All of that declared worthless, because it is not cool. Or it is “slow”, after which it is replaced with a JS stack from here until the moon. That’s “fast”. And no worries, in 2018 the hot JS framework will have a revolutionary new feature: support for server-side rendering. A technology from 1986. Even worse is that the term makes no sense, since servers don’t render shit.

Which is not to say that these new technologies aren’t amazing. They are. They’re just incorrectly applied by a loud minority.

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