One-of-a-kind Island Mentality

It’s not an American thing per se, it is a universal thing, this limited knowledge of geography. Most people in Europe cannot name all the countries in Europe itself. And in Madagascar, everybody assumes I am french, just because I’m white. I’m dutch. There’s about 200 countries in the world, and most people will know absolutely nothing about the majority of them. It is a universal kind of ignorance, so don’t take it personal :)

That said, I can only agree that Madagascar is unique. I do not subscribe to the idea that every country is unique. Madagascar really is unique, specifically in its endemic nature and diversity of habitats. We visited in 2012 and 2015 and it feels like discovering a jewel. Nothing compares to it. Back home, nobody knows the first thing about Madagascar, it is completely unknown to them.

It pains me that your unique nature is under severe threat, and that it gets so little attention. I’ve been donating to a few causes in Madagascar, and also consider myself to be a promoter and ambassador. I’ve written this article today:

I’m hoping marketing is the answer to your countries’ needs. We need to smartly make use of the digital world to put Madagascar on the map. You can count on my help for that, even if my actions are small.

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