How can plate rolling be used to craft the perfect curve?

Are you looking for a facility that creates the curve you or your company desires?

Plate rolling is used by a variety of industries, so whether you are a sole trader, construction firm or general fabrications manufacturer; plate rolling is ideal for you!

What if I said, Old Trafford? I bet you’d ask what has Manchester United got to do with plate rolling?

Not only can plate rolling be specific for industrial purposes, it has adaptable uses; including football stadiums. It provides the curved structure of the Old Trafford facility which has been created by metal bending fabrication experts.

Plate rolling is simple. Carbon steels, copper, stainless steel and other specialist metals can all be rolled into a curve, using specialist machinery. Looking to bend your metal into a cylinder for drums? Think Plate rolling — it’s effective and efficient — you can even recycle a piece of metal that you may have stuck in storage from an old site.

Do you want a high-quality product?

It is important to perform several tests on your chosen materials that you require to be rolled into a new shape, these include impact tests, strain-ageing tests and thickness tests. After all, you want the finest quality and finish to your products, don’t you?

But how is it done?

The chosen metal is fed through a number of large rollers. By changing the arrangement of the rollers, you can adjust the curve that you are looking to create. The machinery allows you to control the angle and distance, suiting your needs directly! Additionally, this is a fast and efficient method and does not compromise your need for quality!

Product turn-around can be an important factor when considering plate rolling. As you’ll not only your piece to be of the highest possible quality, but to receive the completed project on time. Therefore, you need to use a plate rolling company that can provide both a high-quality final product and a rapid delivery that is reliable and appropriate to suit your specific requirements.

Personalisation, how can plate rolling be customised?

If you provide a plate rolling specialist company with your requirements, they should be experienced enough to create whatever it is you need. Using the plate rolling facilities, manufacturers can roll materials into tanks, cylinders and hoppers, however if you have a unique one-off idea then you should reach out to your chosen plate rolling service provider to enquire how they can help you.

Plate rolling with a quick-rolling service!

Fereday Cylinder Co. offers an industry leading plate rolling service with a rapid delivery service to boost, which can enable you to receive your product as early as possible.

Ultimately, we aim to produce products that are ideal for your specific needs, this is in terms of width, size and thickness. Our 16 sets of plate rolling machinery enable us to manufacture a wide range of products in express time. At Fereday Cylinders, we offer a versatile service and are open to new innovations, so let us know your specific requirements and we will send you a FREE QUOTE TODAY!